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It is strange that things will hold on when they get nowhere. I noted an article in a medical journal where an Indiana man was writing on cellulitis in the pelvis of women following lying-in period, either at time or not, telling of the management. His idea was to clean them up, give blood transfusions, rest.

It really meant let them die if they could not fight it out alone. Some three years ago I found a remedy that is 95 per cent sure. Begin as early as they show signs of fever. Give them 10 c.c. of a 1-1500 or 1-1000 solution of hydrochloric acid, in a vein, every day. Usually in five to eight days the are clear of fever, really getting well.

De Lee says one out of every 400 women die in childbirth or from causes related to the same; ten out of these 400 are invalided for life. It is almost all uncalled for. I have just attended two cases of confinement that had serious lacerations. I began to give them injections of acid at once, repeated every day to the seventh or eighth day. They never had any fever. They are getting well; are not invalided for life.

The question arises: just how does it do this? We fight infection with the white cells. After every injection of the acid there is a rise of 2000 to 6000 cells in six to eight hours. To prove this contention I went to Dr. R. A. Douglas, and asked him to take a white cell count; then give me an injection of the acid. He did this. The first count was 7300. Then the injection. I went back in one hour and forty minutes. He made another white cell count. It showed 9800, a rise of 2500 in that short time.


The acid gives the same happy results in nephritis. Give an injection every day---in five or six days the albumin diminishes until there is none. I saw a case of acute nephritis September, 1933, following scarlet fever. A boy, nine years of age, swollen till he looked as though he would burst. I tried everything I could get at; salt-free diet, potassium citrate in large doses, milk diet. The hospital authorities said his urine showed four plus albumin. After six weeks he showed no improvement. I decided to try the acid. I gave him 3 c.c. of a 1:500 solution in the gluteal muscle every day, alternating hips each day. In seven days the albumin began to decrease. After twenty-one injections he was entirely well. I have reports from him almost weekly; no albumin.

I saw him May 6th, 1934. He was out on the road with other children, was just as busy in their games as they were, showed no signs of his former trouble, looked well, ruddy like the others. Since that time I saw another case of acute prostatitis, urine loaded with albumin. After six injections his urine was entirely cleared up. I have given him about twenty-five injections. He sleeps well at night; no more bladder trouble.

I have a man under my care who had tuberculosis of the lungs. The bladder became involved. I gave him an injection every day for thirty days. He missed his fever, all bladder symptoms are gone, eats plenty, sleeps well, has had no fever in ten months. His weight has gone up from 140 to 180 lbs. I am still giving him an injection once a week. He is doing light work, coughs very little. He has taken more than one hundred injections with never the slightest harm.


In acute tonsillitis it is specific. Never over two injections, one each day. Most of the time one injection is sufficient and next day they are ready for work.

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