By Loren Parks, Feb. 9, 1996

Many men have erectile dysfunction, especially with new partners but also with long-established relationships. Once a man has a failure he is set up for more failures. I once got in the sack with a lady more because I thought she expected it than that I wanted it. She was skinny and had quite small breasts, which didn't help get me aroused. At any rate, it didn't work. I was "programmed" to failure. I had it so bad I would tell prospective partners I was impotent, which took psychological pressure off me. Yet I knew it was all in my head because nocturnal erections were very firm. I eventually overcame it by putting my attention on the woman instead of myself and not giving a hoot about myself one way or another. It was great for them, and eventually best for me.

A friend confided he had the problem and more or less threatened me if I ever told anybody, so I worked on him. I told him to close his eyes and go back to a time when it didn't come up and feel the emotions, "and when you feel them just nod your head." When he nodded his head I said "When I clap my hands and say DISCONNECT it will disconnect the emotions you're feeling now at all levels of your mind." I said DISCONNECT! and clapped my hands 3 times in a row. Then I challenged him. "Now try to go back and bring up those emotions you just had and you'll find you can't do it." He tried, and he couldn't. Next day he called exuberantly "Your therapy worked!" I believe his partner was his wife, but I know he strays so I'm not sure. All the years I'd known him he let on like he was such a stud.

There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction, including vascular disease (my field), age and medication. In general, if it comes up in the night, the problem is in your head. Urologists tell me that isn't always so, but this simple therapy is worth a try. Anyone can do it for you. I couldn't do it for myself even though I knew where the problem was. I've been successful treating others the few times I've had the opportunity to try. High blood pressure medications and prostatectomy USUALLY kills erections, but not always.

If these methods fail, seek out a hypnotist experienced in this area. It is a common problem.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

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