The information presented here is condensed from some 20 years experience with rapid healing techniques, the basics of which I learned from the late Leslie LeCron and David Cheek, M.D. some 40 years ago.

I was reintroduced to extremely powerful healing by native healers in the Philippines. The healings at Lourdes are nothing by comparison. I've been there, seen the environment and the reason it sometimes works, and the reasons it almost always doesn't. Certain things are healable by faith healing, suggestion, hypnosis or whatever. Most organic things aren't. But there is a rule I came up with as a result of witnessing several miraculous cures. If the condition is something the body did to itself because of stress, chances of healing are good. If it is degenerative disease, chances are virtually nil. In spite of this, I have seen healings which seemingly did not follow this rule--organic problems healed.

We don't know the power of the mind to heal, if circumstances are right. It's fantastic. Mental things are a snap. Physicals are tougher. Through extensive experimentation, a privilege I have because I don't charge and I don't have to conform to convention, I have discovered extremely rapid methods of healing many conditions. Since I ferried groups to the Philippines I know what can be done with a very powerful placebo, cures I can't get. But for run-of-the-mill mental illnesses and many so-called physical conditions, I can run circles around virtually all professionals no matter how many degrees they have, and the Philippine healers to boot.

No professional is interested in getting anybody well in 5 minutes. I am. I've done it hundreds of times. The formula is simple. Clean out the effects of past stresses still causing problems from the depths of the subconscious. Take the emotion away, not the memory. We're sick because of feeling states, not memories. If I take away the feeling states the memories are no longer a problem. If a person can remember anything from the past and feel upsetting feelings, he has a problem. I take those feelings away by my automated telephone hotline or by telephone conversation. Also I instruct you in how to have a friend take those stresses away.

Most mental healing is extremely simple to do, in spite of what you've been lead to believe. With a friend to help and my methods, you should benefit greatly. If old stresses are taken away, the body and mind will heal. It's as simple as that. This does not work as well for current stresses. If you are NOW in a stressful work or family situation, results with this type therapy are not good. The way you feel now is due to both past and present emotional upsets, but present stresses may dominate so that disconnecting past stresses doesn't make much of an impact on how you feel. It works best for long-standing conditions. I want YOU to be in control of yourself, the person you are today. This page and what follows are designed to relieve you of traumatic baggage from the past you're carrying around. This is a stress-relief method, Pavlovian in nature.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

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