Agoraphobia is a severely debilitating psychological/nutrtional condition that arises from the subconscious. In other words, one does it to himself, unconsciously. I have long observed that the subconscious just loves to scare the dickens out of its owner, and I have created frightening situations quite easily in some experimental subjects.

If you have agoraphobia, just imagine you are going outside alone and walking down a busy street and see how you feel. You are frightened, right? Why should you feel fright when you're sitting safely inside your home? Your mind brought out the fear because you used your imagination to put you into a scary situation.

We are talking Pavlov, from Psychology 101. You have had one or a series of scary or embarrassing experiences and using your imagination brought the feelings up. Where do the feelings come from? The inner or subconscious mind. You don't reason feeling states. You don't reason yourself to love someone or to be happy because you have lots of money. There are numerous stimuli which tend to cause us to be happy, sad, fearful, nauseated, etc. In the case of agoraphobia the fears simply take over and you give in to the fear and run for safety. All phobias are that way, and agoraphobia is no different. Harder to deal with perhaps, but nevertheless a phobia like fear of spiders, snakes, thunder, airplane rides, and a host of others.

The fear can be overpowering. But it is fixable, at least to a considerable extent with minimal therapeutic intervention provided that certain conditions are met.
Gerry Kein ( says agoraphobia does not start out as such. He says it starts with other phobias and it's really a composite of several. It's VERY curable by a knowledgeable hypnotist. In Fla. Call Bob Brenner in Lake Mary or Deland. One visit and you're done.

What I have to offer you:Three things. First is insight into the cause of your problem, which I've already done. Second is some help with automated therapy that likely addresses some of the sources of your problem thru my automated therapy hotline shown on my home page. And third is personal help which is offered free by telephone. That means I have to talk with you to ferret out possible causes of your problem which you most likely would not recognize as being a possible contributor to your problem. Not only must I help you find them but I need to take the emotion out of those experiences. This latter part is easy. It's finding them that takes the time. If you are on a tranquilizer, results will likely be poor.

Where the sources may be:

First we must determine what type of fear you have. Is it of dying, being embarrassed, being attacked, getting a disease, being tempted to do something you think you shouldn't, just what is your fear?

For most it is a fear of dying or being injured. Therefore I look for frightening incidents, like scary movies, operations, auto accidents, airplane rides, carnival rides, being attacked by people or animals and whatever else our conversation leads to. I always look at death scenes like funerals, death of animals, accidents witnessed.

What I'm saying here it is too complicated to do by automated therapy other than to get started. To the best of my knowledge, I am the first to do automated therapy via the Internet. I started in January of 1996 with call-ins. Prior to that I did therapy by radio and television. Some respond quite well, but if the problem has multiple causes it can only go so far.

So give it some thought, try the streaming audio or the telephone call in. I can send voicemail for specific fears. We just have to try various things. Therapy you do to yourself is, for most including myself, ineffective. You need another person or another voice. You may get good help at Also I have lots of messages at The self-destruction one has been especially helpful.

If you are living in a very stressful situation or are on a drug, don't expect much.

Nutritional therapy

Fear attacks often come after drug or alcohol abuse, sometimes medications or heavy exercise with lots of sweating. These things can deplete the body of enough magnesium that you become excitable, more than an ordinary person. Magnesium has a calming effect. Calcium has an exciting and constipating effect. If you are constipated as well, it's a sure sign you are short on magnesium--long on calcium. Easily fixed, and cheap. Best is to get chelated magnesium at a health-food store and get about 500 mg of elemental magnesium into you, spread out a bit, with meals. Magnesium is slow to be absorbed. Magnesium oxide is cheap and I believe much less effective. Do that for a month and see how you feel. Stop taking calcium pills for that period of time and go easy on dairy products with high calcium content. Take a magnesium pill just before you go to bed and see how well you sleep. Virtually all Americans are short on magnesium. I am recommending only the daily requirement to try to bring you back into calcium/magnesium balance. THE authority was Mildred Seelig, M.D. Look up her works on the internet.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.  All suggestions come from many years experience working with individuals and groups, for free. Here are a couple of things that may help.  Press the play button to play the files.

Disconnect from your agoraphobia

Tension release message

Disconnect auto accident effects


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