Food allergy or food intolerance is among the easiest things to cure in one way or another. My method is psychological but I encourage you to use every method available. No one treatment cures everybody. I believe, from experience, that food allergy is often an unconscious connection with illnesses or emotional associations from the past -- things you've forgotten about. You may have developed nausea or headaches from a bug you picked up as a child and it gets connected or associated with food you had eaten recently. When you eat the food in the future, it may bring back some of the symptoms of the illness or the emotional upset. This is Pavlov and his dog stuff, from Psychology 101.

Now to get rid of the allergy or psychological association reaction, you have to get a message into the subconscious mind to break that association. You can go to a hypnotist, or you can have a friend do it, or you can listen to an appropriate sound file below if your computer has a sound card. To talk to the subconscious mind and have it do your bidding (if the person approves), you have to give it a command and a trigger. Here's what I do on the phone. I say the following: "When I sound the buzzer and say DISCONNECT!, it will disconnect you from ALL the causes of your (whatever) food allergy at ALL levels of your mind and you will NEVER be bothered by that food allergy again. (buzz) DISCONNECT! (3 TIMES)".

Now you can have a friend say this to you or you can do it for someone else. Rarely can anyone do it for himself. If a friend is going to do it for you, instead of the buzzer, say "When I snap my fingers" or "When I clap my hands" Have the subject close his eyes AND get his permission to do the exercise. The test is to have him imagine he's eaten the offending food and go forward in time (eyes closed) to see how he feels.

If you're not a therapist, this sounds ridiculous. The subconscious mind (where the action is) is NOT a reasoning or reasonable mind. It's a mind that follows orders. But try this! Just IMAGINE you have eaten the food you're allergic to, go forward in time in your imagination to let the symptoms appear, and see how you feel. If you can FEEL the symptom, doesn't it show that it's in your mind? That's what I do when working with someone on the phone. Then I do my thing and CHALLENGE them to imagine eating that food again and THEY CAN'T GET THE EFFECT BACK AGAIN! Most likely taking in the food won't bring the symptoms back either. I call that a cure. Does it last forever? Maybe and maybe not, but you can always do it again.

I've used this method successfully with hundreds of people. No guarantees, but it will probably work. Do it a second or third time, sometime later if necessary. That makes the imprint stronger. Allergies and other psychological cures have a way of coming back when there is emotional upset. You just do it again when the upset is over. The effect (if it works) is immediate.

Another method: Dr. Batman says allergies are the body's cries for water. He has lots of people cured, so long as they follow his protocol. It consists of eliminating caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and drinking lots of water with a little sea salt. Check his website:

And another! A very effective cure for most allergies was discovered by the late Arthur F. Coca, M.D. His book "The Pulse Test" was first published in 1956. The book is a paperback and still in print. It is a do-it-yourself book. The method used to regain health for many conditions consists of finding the food or substance you are allergic to by checking your pulse before and 30 minutes after eating a single food.If it goes up significantly (over 15) you may have a problem.

Dr. Coca's wife suffered from migraines, colitis, dizziness and fainting, abnormal tiredness and indigestion. They all disappeared in time by finding the substances she was allergic to. He states that people prone to getting colds are allergic. Those whose allergies are non-existent or minimal have few or no colds. It bears checking out with his "pulse test." Dr. Coca said about 90% of people are victims of food allergies.

Of 100 people, the 31 most common allergens he found are listed below:

1.Egg, 33% of people allergic 2. Wheat, 30% 3. White potato, 30% 4. Cow's milk, 29% 5. Orange, 29% 6. Beef, 23% 7. Peas or beans, 22% 8. Fish, 20% 9. Cane sugar, 2% 10. Plum, 21% 11. Tomato, 19% 12. Banana, 19% 13. Onion, 19% 14. Aspargus, 19% 15. Cabbage,18%. Other foods in descending order of frequency were pork, chocolate, lamb, coffee, apple, fowl, melon, carrot, sweet potato, grape, peanut, pineapple, beet, spinach, corn, yeast, strawberry (6%).

Look at how many your mother probably fed you as a kid when you were getting the childhood illnesses and how many of these foods you eat frequently. A little detective work with the pulse test could pay off in better health.

While Dr. Coca believed allergies were inherited, I've cured lots with psychology. Nevertheless, the book is a treasure trove of information about all allergies. Easy to read and costs under $20. Amazon has it. I can't recommend it too highly.

Dr. Coca's method of eliminating the effect of allergy is an avoidance one. Mine is a cure method for allergy with a psychological origin. To possibly get a cure for yourself, I suggest you play the appropriate soundfiles just below. You must have a sound card in your computer.

Everything on this page is experimental, especially the one "disconnect from the causes." That's a shotgun approach.

I REALLY NEED YOUR FEEDBACK! There are lots of allergens out there. I have made sound messages for just a few. Most people will benefit from them. There is no downside I know of. Windows compatible. It is streaming audio and needs to temporarily load into your computer, just as any web page does.

The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

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A good alternative viewpoint by Andrew Saul, PhD (external link; opens in new window)

More "disconnect" exercises on another site (YOUTUBE).
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