Chronic anxiety usually begins in childhood, and gets worse from then on. To treat chronic anxiety you have to find the root cause. In all psychotherapy you must go back to the earliest incident to get a result. Chronic anxiety therapy absolutely requires that. You can meditate all you want, but until the core or root cause of the anxiety is discovered and dealt with your results will be less than optimal.

There are more ways to get at that root cause of chronic anxiety than what I'm about to discuss. In some way there must be a reprogramming of the subconscious mind. I think the best way is to bring the original anxiety producing event to consciousness for evaluation by the mature mind, where it is easily dealt with. Unfortunately, that is often not easy to do. We may have to settle for second best. That method is to cause the subconscious to go on a search and destroy mission for the chronic anxiety producing incident. Following is an example:

When I was in my early twenties I worked as a surgery orderly in a hospital. Basically, I was to mop up the floors after surgery, but I was allowed or requested to perform some other duties. One of those was to hold little kids down when they were being anesthetized by having an ether mask over their faces. This was preparation to have their tonsils out. You wouldn't believe how strong those little kids were! They were terrified. They thought someone was trying to kill them. This little scenario, experienced by millions of people until recently, has caused them to be chronically anxious, chain smokers, etc. I have removed the emotional effects of such experiences many times, with good results. Some, however anxious they may be, just will not try the therapy. They're afraid someone is trying to control their minds. They get that from movies about hypnosis--pure bunk! How many bank robberies or murders have you heard of where the perpetrator said he was hypnotized by someone and was forced to commit the act? Use your head. My therapy is called waking suggestion. You're wide awake, always.

Chronic anxiety can have lots of causes. Most events occurred in early childhood. See if you can relate to any of these: Thunderstorms, surgeries, carnival rides, scary movies, rape, floods, forest fires, house fires, auto accidents, fear of having to fly somewhere, fear of a possible diagnosis, being lost, couldn't breathe, head under water, getting choked, animal attacks or fear of one, fear of a school bully, of a parent or other person, fear of being embarrassed, fear of being unable to perform in some way (such as stage fright or having to give a talk), fear of punishment for having sinned, fear of someone finding out your deep dark secret, fearing punishment in an afterlife, or fear of the devil, fear of getting pregnant, fear of mate being unfaithful, father beating mother, or is going to die or leave you. Again, it's the earliest ones that are the most powerful. If you can remember any such experiences and feel some emotion, that's where at least part of your problem is. When you are ready to play the appropriate message below, have that experience in mind. The word "worry" covers many of these. So we will look for early outright fear experiences and then deal with worry.

Since January of 1996 I have had therapeutic voice messages on the internet or a dial-in telephone line. By far my greatest successes I know of has to do with fingernail biting---the results are obvious to anyone. When it comes to mental things like anxiety, it's different. The results are experienced in how you feel and how you cope with life.

The word "tension" may be useful in measuring the success of the following therapies I will offer. They may work, they may not. They can fail one time and be successful another. Repeated playing at daily or weekly intervals may work better. All is experimental. Everything depends on whether or not your subconscious mind will accept the suggestions I give. Of course it is absolutely necessary that the right target be hit. You only know that by the result. The result is immediate. You feel it right away. You may or may not retrieve the memory. It's not necessary, though interesting. But you should feel a release of body tension if it works.

The mind responds best to a voice delivery--from someone else, not from you. I use a suggestion (sort of a command) and a "trigger" to make it stick. Following is the essence of what I will say in one of the messages:

"When I sound the buzzer and say DISCONNECT! it will disconnect you emotionally from the most frightening experience of your whole life."

Now likely you've had more than one. So another message might go like this:

"When I sound the buzzer and say DISCONNECT! it will disconnect you completely, at all levels of your mind, from the most frightening events of your childhood."

"When I sound the buzzer and say DISCONNECT!, it will disconnect you completely from the cause of the fear emotions you're feeling now."

It's best if you are relaxed and freely salivating when you hear the messages. Believing is not necessary, as nobody believes anything so simple can work. Your subconscious doesn't care. It will do its own thing. It understands the language I'm using. It's like kissing your kid's knee when he skins it. "Mommy'll kiss it and then it'll feel better." If you are on an anti-depressant drug don't expect a good result. If you are a meditator, do NOT go into your meditation state. Just be normal, alert, and relaxed. When the message is finished, play it again or use the back button top left of the page to get back to the other messages and this page.

No sound card? Not to worry. Have someone else who can speak in an authoritative manner do it using a clap of the hands instead of the buzzer. Have your eyes closed. It's best if you don't know when the clap is coming. "Clap DISCONNECT!" should be done three times in a row, one right after the other. Hammer it in! More times if he/she feels like it.

Go to and find the message for anxiety.

Possible relief from anxiety caused by your most frightening experience

Press the play button below for possible relief from anxiety caused by early childhood fears

Play the following file only if you can remember something frightening from your past and actually feel the fear.  Best to close your eyes and try to get into the feelings so you know they're there.  If you can't get feelings, there's no point in doing the exercise.  You probably no longer have a problem.  But you can use this for any phobia like public speaking or whatever.  Just imagine you're in the situation that brings up the fear and then start the message.  Then test it after the message and see if the feelings are gone or much reduced.  Click here for the message.

I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK SO I KNOW I'M DOING SOMEONE SOME GOOD AND NOT JUST WASTING MY TIME!  I have absolutely nothing to sell nor do I ask for anything but your experience with my program as my payment. Your significant other may notice the changes more than you do.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

Loren Parks

Loren Parks,
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