Many mental conditions are simply treated by suggestion. Some have a single upsetting incident as a cause. Others have a few or several. This experimental hotline attempts to extinguish the automatic responses which cause mood disorders, fingernail biting, headaches, phobias, etc..

Most chronic depression has several emotional upsets at its roots. They are primarily REJECTION, GUILT and LOSS OF A LOVED ONE, even pets.

My automated free telephone self-help system will target several common causes of mood swings. If you are NOW in a stress-producing situation, this method is unlikely to help. Worry over money, loss of job, breakup of a love affair, illness, physical pain, etc. are examples.

If you can remember a situation or any person from the past and feel an unpleasant emotion, that's where one of your problems lies and chances of help are very good. The technique is short and very effective when I do it personally by phone. I have heard that it works for some, at least, utilizing this computer-based hotline. It affects how you feel. It doesn't take away the memory, just the emotions. But since the emotions are gone, there is no longer an upsetting effect on you, or the emotional effect is greatly reduced. You can use the pattern you hear on the phone to work with a friend on a variety of mental and physical problems. The worst that can happen is that it doesn't work or it doesn't work fast enough to suit you. In such cases you've chosen the wrong symptom or you haven't followed the method closely enough.

It doesn't work well on weight loss, hyperactivity and I haven't done smoking or addictions but I doubt it would work well there. You may not win 'em all, but you'll win some and it costs nothing but a few minutes time.


The subconscious mind, where emotions come from, responds to orders (commands), not reason. The orders need to come from outside yourself. A friend could do it for you IF he would and IF he did it correctly.

As the subject, your job is to be passive as the suggestion is given. If you're disconnecting from a person or event, hold that person or event in mind as I talk. Do NOT go into a meditation mode. That blocks it. Just be normal and relaxed. If your mind is racing or opposing anything or you are on a drug, it won't work.

We are trying to do in 3-5 minutes and by automation what other therapists may take a few 50 minute sessions to accomplish! Don't hesitate to play the same message again at a later time. I suggest you try to play 2 or 3 different ones on one call.

The hotline message tells your subconscious to disconnect you emotionally from particular upsetting events in your past and/or from a particular person when you choose from the menu that follows. It has no effect on the memory.


11. Disconnects you emotionally from the most upsetting event of your life causing depression (chosen by your subconscious).
12. Disconnects you from hurt or upsets of any kind involving your real father.
13. Disconnects you from all upsetting emotions of any kind involving your mother
14. Disconnects you from all the emotional trauma and guilt from rape or incest.
15. Disconnects you from the causes of your headaches and all the negative things your doctor may have said about them.
16. Disconnects you from the causes of your allergies.
17. Disconnects you from all the upset and guilt, even momentary, of an abortion.
18. Disconnects you emotionally from a love affair gone bad.
19. Disconnects you emotionally from the death of a pet.
20. Disconnects you from the grief of a child's death.
21. Disconnects the causes of stage fright and performance anxiety.
22. Reduces your sensitivity to criticism.
23. Reduces your sense of feeling inferior.
24. Disconnects you from old angers which cause chronic tension and irritability.
25. Disconnects you emotionally from all the upsets you had with a person.
26. Disconnects you from the emotional trauma of a past traffic accident.
27. Disconnects you from the causes of fear of heights and some other fears.
28. Makes you less sensitive to criticism and rejection.
29. Lessens your grief from a variety of causes, usually a death.
30. Lessens your sensitivity to being teased, criticized or ridiculed.
31. For people who can't use public toilets as others do.
32. Disconnects you from statements of a damaging nature made by doctors and others.
33. Disconnects you from scary experiences that cause bad dreams.
34. Disconnect you from causes of anxiety experienced during a performance or taking tests.
35. Disconnects you emotionally from the main cause of your nervousness.
36. Disconnects you emotionally from the upset of a specific incident in your past.
37. Disconnects you emotionally from the upset of having been falsely blamed.
38. Physical disability: Removes the upsetting emotions still affecting you from things people said about your disability and disconnects your own negative programming causing a poor self-image.
39. Disconnects the causes of your fingernail biting.
40. Disconnects the urge to overeat.(this message is not working)
41. Disconnects sexual guilt--women.
42. Disconnects you from the emotional cause of your phobia.
43. Disconnects you from feelings of guilt from any cause.
44. Disconnects you from the causes of your AGORAPHOBIA.
45. Disconnects you from the causes of your SOCIAL PHOBIA
46. Disconnects you emotionally from the most upsetting event of your life (cancer, MS) and all negative things a doctor said to you.
99. Disconnects the cause of obsessive or unwanted thoughts.

Prepare in advance to put yourself, in your imagination, in the upset producing situation if you know what it is. In fact, to measure success of this self-therapy for depression, subjectively measure where you are on a 0 to 10 scale with 0 being extremely upset and 10 being as happy as you could reasonably expect to be. Then remeasure after the call. You get well in bits and pieces, not all at once.

You heal yourself. I only set you up. It's all within your subconscious mind. It isn't necessary to believe it will work, because nobody does. It works anyway for a lot of things. It is subtle. You may not realize it for a while. But it IS necessary that you WANT to feel better. I suggest you print this file for reference and make the call IMMEDIATELY after reading it a second or third time so it's fresh in your mind when you call. You MUST have an attitude change at the subconscious level about some past event. If you don't WANT to let go of an old anger (forgiving isn't necessary), you'll keep your tension. Your attitude should be "What's done is done and I can't change it. It's time for me to get on with my life and not be controlled by the younger person within me."

This is a new computer and voicemail system which seems to be working fine. In case of possible malfunction you could be out the cost of a 30 second phone call. You just pay regular rate to your telephone company, nothing more. Messages before #28 are 3 1/2 minutes total. After that, they are about 5 minutes. Fingernails is 6 minutes as it also disconnects stress from fingernail biting. We get more hits and more successes from this than from any other message. I think morning calls before 8 AM your local time, are cheapest. PLEASE let me know if these messages have helped you.

This is a mechanical, non-religious method on a computer. You say nothing. You just listen while I tell your subconscious to disconnect you emotionally from old emotional upsets. It is called waking suggestion therapy. No attempt is made to induce a trance. The call takes about 3 to 5 minutes. Call any time, and if it works, you'll be more stable with shallower mood swings and your phobia, headaches, depression or whatever will be gone or lessened. It is not a substitute for competent professional care. It is for non-threatening, chronic conditions that have not yielded to self therapy, other psychotherapy or medical therapy. It is not a cure-all!

You know the result after a period of time, from minutes to days, depending on the condition.

I've found chronic depression, phobias, and disconnecting emotionally from a person the very easiest conditions to work with and get gratifying results. With chronic depression, the result is felt within minutes as a lifting of spirits and perhaps feeling "lighter".

Sometimes the result doesn't last because you get into another emotional upset. In such cases simply repeat the procedure later.

I've seen "pollen" allergies gone for years and come back with a new emotional upset. I guess "grooves" are worn in the brain, and when a new stress occurs, old symptoms come back. I don't know why. Just the way we're built, I guess. Most cures seem to be permanent. If you are on any mood-altering drug this therapy may not help!

The number is (503) 848-8827. You get a male voice asking you to choose a number. Press the desired number from the listing above.  Press them quickly -- no more than a second between the numbers. If you don't get your message but get the introduction again, press the two desired numbers again quickly. Usually you can play a different message when you've finished with one.

If it doesn't work right, please contact me by e-mail - leparks2@yahoo.com .

If you're in the US or Canada, please try the automated messages first. For a specific phobia, I need your first name and about when it started. I can sometimes send you an appropriate message you may not see on my website. You MUST have a sound card to play the message. I do not know of any way to do quick therapy besides the use of the human voice.

I never charge or solicit a donation. This is a public service. It takes me so little time to make big changes in some people's lives I'm glad to do it (within reason). Your reply that you're functioning better is my only pay.

Again, if you're on a tranquilizer it probably won't work and will be a waste of time for both of us. I don't know why that is, but that's my experience and the experience of others doing similar therapy.

When you dial in, make sure you are salivating well and keep salivating which shows the proper relaxed state to receive the message and reprogram the subconscious mind. I will first tell you what the message is before installing it.

Note: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.


Loren Parks

Loren Parks,
Psychological Research Foundation, Inc.

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