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Other information I have on curing or putting cancer into remission costs virtually nothing. There are 3 components. 1. Water 2.Sea salt 3. Baking soda

Veterinarians in Pennsylvania area are curing pets of tumors and arthritis with sea salt. Works on at least some humans as well.
Lots of info and a 30-minute television interview about the cures of diabetes, arthritis, cancer and arthritis in people and pets and other chronic conditions.

A really good track record of cancer cures is the Halleluja Diet which is essentially an 80% raw food diet. A friend cured his prostate cancer with that. Said it took about 3 weeks.

Another guy cured his prostate cancer taking baking soda and molasses.
His website follows: You have to look to get his protocol and the final result.
His layout could be improved. I've conversed with him by email. If you do this, stay near a toilet!

Any book by Robert O. Young, PhD will inform you of what will likely cure your cancer."The pH Miracle" is one of his books. The theme is that the body is too acid from wrong diet and you have to bring it back into balance. You do that by going mostly vegetarian, no pop, no caffeine or alcohol, very little protein. Also it helps to take some baking soda to bring the urine to neutral. You buy pH paper at the health food store or on the internet to measure your urine acidity. This has worked very well for me to improve my health and take off pounds effortlessly. I do not nor have I had cancer. I am not a doctor.

I believe the cures are out there that cost almost nothing. You have to read and decide for yourself. Don't take much baking soda if you have kidney disease or congestive heart failure. I take half a teaspoon every night and I drink a lot of water. Two quarts a day for the average person is suggested. At age 85 I have no pains of any kind, tho I do have other problems (hearing). I need 7 hours sleep and I have adequate energy, feel good.

I have worked with maybe 50 cancer patients using psychological techniques. I found lots of stresses but I was not satisfied with the end result. Cancer did not go into remission as I had hoped. I found that they were ANGRY, usually at a family member or someone at work. They had an anger they
perhaps couldn't express, and it continually boiled inside them. Some just will not give up the anger, even if it kills them. Steve Jobs of Apple was a perfect example.


BREAST CANCER: A study of 250 women with breast cancer in Vercelli, Italy, found that they tended to consume considerably more milk, high-fat cheese and butter than 499 healthy women. - Paolo Toniolo et al, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 81:278-86, 1989 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

PROSTATE CANCER: A 1977 study based on 111 cases with prostate cancer and 111 hospital controls showed that the cancer patients consumed more high-fat foods, including beef, pork, eggs, cheeses, milk, creams, butter and margarine. - I D Rotkin, Cancer Treatment Reports, 61:173-80, 1977 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

OVARIAN CANCER: Harvard University researchers asked hundreds of women with ovarian cancer to record in detail what they normally ate. There was one thing that they had eaten much more frequently than women without cancer – dairy products, especially the supposedly “healthy” dairy products such as yoghurt and cottage cheese. The problem is the milk sugar, not the milk fat, so it is not solved by non-fat products. - Cramer D W, et al, Lancet, 2:66-71, 1989 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LYMPHOSARCOMA, HODGKINS: A 16-nation study, based on WHO statistics, indicated that consumption of beef and dairy products increased the risks of lymphosarcoma by 70% and Hodgkin’s disease by 61%. - A S Cunningham, Lancet, 2:1184-86, 1976 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ALLERGIES A teenage boy in hospital with muscular and skeletal pains, bronchial asthma, abdominal pains, headache and dark circles under the eyes experienced substantial improvement within 2 days when milk and chocolate were taken out of the diet. When milk was given to him again after 3 weeks, the pallor, dark circles and other symptoms returned. - E G Weiberg, Annals of Allergy 31:209-11, 1973 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ANAEMIA Many studies have measured the blood iron levels of people with different diet-styles. Vegetarians consistently fared better in these tests than do meat eaters. The only people who run into trouble are the ones who eat a lot of dairy products, fatty foods, sugar and junk foods.... - John Robbins, Diet for a New America --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ARTHRITIS A 38-year-old woman had, for 11 years, been suffering from steadily worsening rheumatoid arthritis. Three weeks after doctors removed all dairy products from her diet, she showed signs of improvement. In four months, her arthritic symptoms had completely disappeared. In the interest of scientific curiosity, she once again ate some cheese and milk. The next day, her joints were swollen, stiff and painful. Her symptoms again disappeared as she resumed her abstinence from dairy products. - Parks A, British Medical Journal, 282:2027, 1981 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ASTHMA Twenty five patients with bronchial asthma were put on a strict vegetarian diet. They showed 71 percent improvement within 4 months, and 92 percent improvement within one year. The experimental diet avoided meat, dairy food, eggs, fish, sugar, chocolate, salt and other foods. - O Lindahl et al, Journal of Asthma 22:45-55, 1985 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CATARACTS Populations that consume large amounts of dairy foods have a much higher incidence of cataracts. The problem appears to be the milk sugar, lactose. In the digestive tract, lactose breaks down into two simple sugar molecules, glucose and galactose. When blood concentration of galactose increase, it can pass into the lens of the eye. . . (and) can lead to opacities of the lens. Nursing children can generally handle galactose. As we age, many of us lose this capacity to break down galactose. There are even rare cases of genetic defects in which children cannot break down galactose. These children can form cataracts within the first year of life. - Couet C et al, Journal of the American College of Nutrition 10(1):79-86, 1991 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CRIME + DELINQUENCY Researchers at the University of Washingtom found that juvenile deliquents drank a lot more milk. Male offenders consumed an average of 64 ounces of milk a day, while the control group consumed an average of 30 ounces. For girls, the figures were 35 and 17 ounces respectively. In some cases, the researchers reported, “eliminating milk from the diet can result in dramatic improvement in behaviour, especially in hyperactive children.” - Alexander Schauss, Diet, Crime & Delinquency --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

DIABETES Cow’s milk protein can enter the infant’s bloodstream and stimulate the formation of antibodies which, in turn, destroy the pancreatic cells that produce insulin. Diabetes occurs when 80 - 90 percent of these cells are destroyed. Researchers from Canada and Finland found high levels of antibodies to a specific cow’s milk protein in every one of 142 diabetic children they studied. Antibodies can apparently form in response to even small quantities of cow’s milk. Cow’s milk protein can even reach a breast-feeding baby if the mother drinks milk. - Scott F W, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 50:728-30, 1989 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

OSTEOPOROSIS MILK ACTUALLY WORSENS OSTEOPORSIS! Countries where dairy products are commonly consumed - the US and North European countries - actually have more osteoporosis than other countries. Milk does contain calcium, but diets that are high in protein, especially animal protein, causes the body to lose calcium. - Hegsted R et al, Journal of Nutrition, 111:553-62, 1981 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A study – funded by the US National Dairy Council for the purpose of showing the benefits of milk – showed that women continued to develop osteoporosis even when they drank an extra three 8-ounce glasses of low-fat milk every day for a year. Scientists who conducted the tests said this was due to “the average 30% increase in protein intake during milk supplemtation.” - Recker R, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2:1061, 1974 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The calcium in kale is more efficiently absorbed than the calcium in milk. - Robert P Heaney & Connie Weaver, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 51:656-57, 1990 Return to the Home Page
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