This exercise is an attempt, in one fell swoop, to disconnect you emotionally from all the upsets of your childhood up until your 12th birthday. If you had some upsets like fears, putdowns, feeling unwanted, scary movies, carnival rides, auto accidents, hospital experiences, moving to another city or locality, this exercise may have a positive effect on you.

This is experimental. In the past, many years ago, I tried to incorporate this sort of technique into my therapy but never did get a good reading on how effective it really was. I feel sure it is not as good as going directly after a known incident, however there is nothing to be lost. You still learn from those experiences, but if there are unwanted automatic responses from them it would seem desirable to eliminate them. The goal is to put you more in control of yourself. A phobia and often depression clearly show that it is the younger child within you that takes over under certain circumstances, like stage fright for example.

So I think for many of you it's worth a try and the problem with it is that you may get cured of some fears or quirks but you aren't going to know it right away. I believe this, that if it takes an upset out, you'll be a better functioning person in some situations. Whether or not you'll recognize that, I really don't know, but probably in time you will or your mate will notice.

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Loren Parks

Loren Parks
Psychological Research Foundation, Inc.

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