You likely weren't born with a craving for sweets. You develped it over time. It starts with getting a sweet dessert for finishing the food on your plate, or you get sweets as a reward for being good. Giving sweets as a token of affection is also common. Whatever the cause, craving for sweets can be a very expensive (in the long run) and unhealthy habit.

So anyway the attempt of this message is to reduce your craving for sweets. In it I will state emphatically that your habit of craving for sweets is broken when I sound the buzzer and say DISCONNECT! You may need to play it several times over a period of days or weeks.

How well will it work? I don't know. I've never done it before. But it should help a lot. Worth a try if you have a health problem. I really need your feedback. You'll know the result immediately by thinking about eating a sweet and seeing how you feel. Can you overpower my suggestion? Of course you can! But why play it in the first place if you wnt to overpower it. As each day passes that you're not eating sweets, congratulate yourself. The longer you go sweet free, the better your health will be. I'm talking about developing diabetes, heart disease and weight. And by the way, diet pop, especially the colas, have a terrible reputation. Mixing sweet with caffeine is bad news.

Here's the message: When it's finished go to upper left and click the back arrow to return you to this page. Then imagine there are sweets before you and see if you are tempted. I'd appreciate knowing the immediate result and later, the long term one.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

Loren Parks

Loren Parks,
Psychological Research Foundation, Inc.

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