Depression---Its Causes and What You Can Do About It

Of all the mental health maladies, some depressions and phobias are the easiest to cure or at least make them so they are no longer a serious problem. It takes only a matter of seconds in some cases such as guilt following an abortion or other death, but usually there are a bunch of upsetting incidents in one's life that you have to get disconnected from emotionally. And you don't do that with chit-chat with a therapist or trying to reason.

The subconscious has to be given commands (suggestions) that are acceptable to the conscious mind. The only way I know to do that on untrained subjects is by voice, either in person or recorded. And usually you have to find several incidents of rejection or guilt or betrayal or whatever and disconnect emotionally from all of them. Time to get on with your life and live for the future, not letting yourself use the past as an excuse to feel bad and create problems for those around you.

To disconnect old emotional baggage you should play the streaming audio or hear the automated telephone therapy several times choosing different targets. My experience with people who've done that is the depression gradually lifts, and sometimes rather quickly.

By all means, disconnect yourself from emotional upsets you experienced with family members and former lovers. If your father was abusive or hurtful when you were young but you get along with him OK now or he's out of your life, do the disconnect of father (or mother) or if either died disconnect from them. The good feelings will remain, but the trauma of the illness and death will be much lessened. The message only disconnects the upsets, not the good stuff. When you've hit the right target, you'll likely feel lighter. This is extremely important.

Another reason to do the disconnect exercises for mother and father is that they were your disciplinarians as a young child and we ALWAYS disconnect the earliest emotionally upsetting experiences we can find. Next, disconnect love affairs gone bad, starting with the earliest, by disconnecting a person. Then disconnect any other person with whom you've experienced an upset.

Look, UPSETS of various types are the main causes of depression. DISCONNECT them! They're over and done with! You don't want them dragging you down. The memory will be there but that's not a problem. The emotions will be gone if you target the right upsets with my voice exercises. Then you should feel better, immediately. Your down periods will be shallower and farther between. If you're suicidal, seek professional help.

You must realize that if you are now in an upsetting situation, which includes loneliness and worry, you have to take care of those things yourself.

Chronic depression, in my experience, is the easiest to work with because its roots are from long ago--stuff that is over and done with as a rule. Like being born a girl when they wanted a boy, or vice versa. It's common to find that a mother told her child "I wish you'd never been born." Makes you feel good all over, doesn't it? Oddly, the death of a beloved pet does tremendous damage to some, often involved in allergies. You have to take all these things out, whether you think you're over them or not. And if grandma is the only one who loved you and she's gone, disconnect her and you'll get the funeral too. If you lay guilt on yourself because you didn't go or didn't get there soon enough or often enough before a loved one passed away, you have to get rid of that guilt. Guilt causes depression--and you do that to yourself. Get rid of it. You can't change the past. We all do things we wish we hadn't done.

The basic problem is that most depressed people are carrying excess baggage, old emotional upsets they don't consciously relate to the present, yet they have a telling effect. One unconsciously retrieves the emotions of the related event, but not the memory. When I do therapy personally, I always go first to the earliest depressing experiences and clean them out, even though they may have been forgotten. They still remain in the subconscious to a lesser or greater extent and exert their influences when triggered by current events.

It is not necessary to remember all the events or use hypnosis to do this. It is not necessary to tell the therapist anything about the event itself, only the people involved. (mother, father, former lover, etc.)

Easiest to alleviate is long-standing depression. If the cause is something that is over and done with for some period of time, like months or years, it's easier. Depression is almost always the result of numerous upsetting incidents from the past. In person or by phone, I take out the stresses one by one or grouped. I usually take out 8 or so for the average depressed person. I always ask "When did the depression start?" "Have you had an abortion?" (women). It gives me a starting point. "Did you feel your parents loved you as a child?"

Acute depression is often helped but because the condition causing it may still exist, results are not as good. This may require professional help or even drugs. I'm not sure ALL depression is psychological, but certainly most of it is.

Chronic depression is caused primarily from three things--rejection, guilt and loss of a loved one. What a doctor has said to you can cause feelings of HOPELESSNESS THAT MUST BE TAKEN OUT! You must realize that there have been cures of virtually all illnesses and psychological conditions. To retain an attitude of hopelessness means you think your knowledge is greater than that of anybody else in the world. That's ridiculous. How can having an attitude like that give you any chance of recovery. Attitude plays a primary part in getting well, and is probably more important than any other mental thing you can do. Keep hope alive!

Just today I worked with a man whose headaches never ceased. Without neck and shoulder tension that meant either guilt or allergy. He had been taking strong prescribed medication, usually twice a day. He was laying guilt on himself because he wasn't being as productive and industrious as he had been in the past (he was near retirement age, financially secure). I relieved some garbage from his past and took out hopelessness feelings. Then I asked him how his head felt. He said he didn't have a headache. I know he couldn't believe it. I told him to let sleeping dogs lie. We'll see how things go down the road (9-12-02)

Emotions come out of the subconscious mind. Therefore the subconscious must be REprogrammed to effect a cure.

Depression may be self-induced, in a period of acute grief. It hangs on in Pavlovian fashion. That it is a disease is simply an excuse made by inept therapists. A rapid cure requires outside intervention in some form, and there are many ways of doing it with varying degrees of effectiveness. Some people use self-hypnosis effectively. I think hypnoanalysis is the best therapy for long-standing depression. What I do is an abbreviated form without the hypnosis. The subconscious is not a rational, reasoning mind. IF YOU CAN REMEMBER ANYTHING AND FEEL A NEGATIVE EMOTION WITH THAT MEMORY, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!

I have helped thousands of people in classes and by radio and TV over a period of 30 years. I do not charge. I am now retired and do it only for the purpose of helping others and finding quicker ways. I do not have an advanced degree. I consider it a handicap.

I need no one's money. No therapist who works for pay is interested in getting anybody well in 5 minutes. The process I use is mechanical. It requires only that you WANT to get well. Believing you will get well is not a part of it, because nobody believes UNLESS he/she knows someone I've helped. I instruct people via this website in self healing to help themselves..immediately. I mean minutes. Many are helped, but not all.

Where are you on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is virtually suicidal and 10 is as happy as you could reasonably expect to be? If you are 6 or 7, results would not be very noticeable and I ask that you not call. If you are below 5, I might help you. Results are immediate, one 15 minute session as a rule and no charge. ALWAYS try my telephone hotline first (go to Home page shown below). Many benefit directly from that. BUT depression is usually caused by several past upsets as well as present ones. It is a heavy feeling. I tell the subconscious to disconnect you from the upset causing the condition. There is no trance. Don't expect to understand. Just feel the results. The subconscious is always listening.

Most people cannot do it themselves. It takes an outsider. If you or someone you know fits the above and wants help (U.S. only) e-mail me at the address below. I have streaming audio web therapy on my home page. U.S. and Canada can be served by telephone automated therapy.

If you want to call and talk to me, be prepared to say what was going on in your life when the depression started. Common causes of chronic depression are being unloved by parents, broken love relationships, deaths, worry over money, failures, self blame, guilt you laid on yourself or accepted from someone else, etc. Guilt is the most devastating. Being broke or out of a job does not qualify because that's an ongoing stress you need to take care of on your own. Also if you have an unreasonable fear (phobia) like heights, stage fright, flying, test anxiety, spiders, snakes, lightning, etc.) or if you are dyslexic, list it, as it requires only a few minutes to fix (usually).

I have nothing to sell, but I do ask for feedback on the results within a few days. Otherwise you will forget you were ever depressed!

There has been a lot published about methyl donors from folic acid and use of B-6 as helpful in depression, especially in older people, plus SAM-e. Raw foods provide methyl donors in moderation. Include them in your daily diet if you can.
If you are bi-polar do not take folic acid except under a physician's advice. In general folic acid and B-6 are very important for cardiovascular health. I have benefitted from taking DHEA and found it to be a product that just generally makes me function better. There is controversy in all these things and your doctor may or may not be up to date. I am not providing medical advice. I just am reporting what I read and what has worked for me. I have just learned that I have successfully reduced the plaque in my coronary arteries by about 12%. I did this by doing non-conventional things, but in truth, I don't know which specific thing did the job.

A $6 paperback "The Methylation Miracle" by Dr. Paul Frankel is new and packed with info about benefits of methylation on heart disease, cancer and depression. It advocates primarily dietary changes but some supplementation with B-6, Folic acid and B-12, all of which are cheap. I bought mine at Barnes and Noble.

For the use of Pregnenolone (over the counter) for depression and memory enhancement, check out This site is Mexican and tho the information is good I think you get a better price at, the Life Extension Foundation in Florida or buy at your local health food store.

I have no personal experience with the forementioned supplements for depression, but take a look at this reference on nutritional support:

You must be careful about buying SAM-e because it is expensive and some firms cheat. Use established names like Twin-Lab, GNC, Prolongevity and read more at Life Extension Foundation at They are reliable.

Personal experience has been with DHEA, available at the health food store. I am male, 82. Taken in the morning, I find that I just feel more "up" during the day. Women, maybe 15 mg/day. Older men, maybe 50 mg. My doctor suggested 100 mg/day but I take 25 to 50 and a hormone test put me in the normal range. Products mentioned are primarily for older people, not kids. You're on your own here. I'm not a doctor.

Melatonin, taken at bedtime is reputed to help reverse the aging process and allows a deeper sleep. I also take RECOM ( as an age reversing growth hormone stimulant of the pituitary and it definitely has made improvements in how I feel in general. I have lots of disappointments in life, but I am not inclined to be depressed. I try to work my way out of whatever unfortunate happening has occurred. I tend not to be very emotional.

The single most important psychological thing most people can do to reduce depression of long standing, is disconnect themselves emotionally from selected persons. Long-standing depression is most likely psychological, and not due to gradual hormone loss due to aging. Often it's mother, father, a former lover or husband, even a child. The message is designed to just take out the bad experiences, not the good ones. See my streaming audio on the main page and/or the automated therapy in the listing at the top of

Admittedly, this page is a hodge-podge as I add to it as I think of things, so there is repetition. Just remember, it's free. I do this spare time. Also go to

I have found that good results are often obtained by disconnecting upsetting events occurring with a certain person, or event. We must make the subconscious look for the right target.

If you have had an abortion or a miscarriage, play my telephone or streaming audio message for abortion and have miscarriage in mind too. If you have played the messages and still have a problem with depression NOT due to severe ongoing stress, contact me by email and I will likely work with you by phone. All is free. I travel a lot. You may not get an answer right away.

Loren Parks
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