Removing Emotional Blocks to Learning

If a child seems normally intelligent but has trouble with certain subjects or even all subjects in school, it is possible there is a learning block. If you are not skilled in manipulating the subconscious mind, this may seem pretty far fetched to you. However, my experience and that of thousands of other therapists of various disciplines is that there are numerous subjects, children and adults, who could perform much better academically if certain blocks were removed.

What is an emotional block? It is a "program" installed in the so-called subconscious that still affects the person outside his awareness. That negative program is often installed by the father, a teacher, another kid or an embarrassing experience. Actually there can be numerous causes, but those are the most common I've found. All it takes is words from someone the child regards as an "authority figure" and the program is installed because there is no resistance. A child, as we all know, is very susceptible to outside influences--especially parents and other kids.

Some examples:

1. I worked with a girl of about 12 by telephone who had trouble with history (I had been working with her mother). I did my thing and on checking back with the mother some weeks later she said her daughter had done so well on a history test they were going to re-test her because they suspected her of cheating. I'm sure she didn't.

2. A friend's son in junior high was doing poorly. A good subject, I used hypnoanalysis and found that before he had started school his older brother had said "You won't like school. It's hard." I took that out and he was soon up with his class, not brilliant and he got into trouble (growing marijuana under the basement staircase), but the schoolwork wasn't a problem.

3. Dramatic cures have been the dyslexics. A computer programmer working for me, putting my dyslexia page on the internet, said he was dyslexic. I took a few seconds removing the cause (I never knew what it was). The next day he told me he had gone home that night and read for 3 1/2 hours straight. He said he never could have done that before--being only able to read a few minutes at a time.

Now I haven't done a lot of kids, but I taught the method to a friend who has a small private specialized school for kids with learning disabilities and he reports good success. This man got through college but was dyslexic himself. I did hypnoanalysis on him and with tears running down his cheeks he went back to an incident in which he was to hand his father a certain wrench and he got the wrong one and got told how stupid he was in an upsetting manner (he was about 4 at the time). Now since he was already through college I can't say how much good it did him.

If you're looking for the reason for the problem, hypnoanalysis is a good method. But it is time-consuming and doesn't work easily with everyone. Almost all my therapy these days is simple suggestion with a trigger, which you can do and is performed on the streaming audio. I will have it on my telephone therapy site when it gets running again, probably by the last week in March, 99. So here is a typical suggestion made for the general public that you can do with a kid or adult. Subjects eyes closed so the handclap causes a slight startle. "When I clap my hands and say DISCONNECT!, it will disconnect ALL the causes of your learning problem. And after I clap my hands and say DISCONNECT! you will be able to learn as well or better than most other kids" Then I clap loudly and unexpectedly and say DISCONNECT! I do that sequence 3 times. I actually say the same preamble in about 3 different ways so I'm sure the subject understands it.

There is no sensation that the subject gets. If he is "cured" he won't know it. The only thing to do is wait and see what happens.

VARIATIONS: "It will disconnect all the criticism your father (a certain teacher, person)ever laid on you."

If the child had an abusive or extra stern father (or teacher), now out of the picture, it would be a good idea to disconnect him. The suggestion (don't forget the trigger) would be "it will disconnect you completely, at all levels of your mind from all the upsetting things your father ever said or did to you. You're not forgiving, just disconnecting because I want YOU, the person you are today, to be in control of yourself. I don't want you to be controlled by things your father said or did." Then do the clap and disconnect WHICH YOU DEFINED AS THE TRIGGER before you gave the preceeding suggestion.

You're on your way! You just have to have the guts to do it. The big deterrent is people are afraid they'll look silly or that it won't work. That means you have a weak ego and are overly concerned about what others think. Blame me if it doesn't work. I can take it. I don't win them all---nobody does. But I win a lot of them. If you don't try, you don't win any.

The author of this page is not a state or medically licensed professional.

NOTE! If the person, child or adult, is on some kind of calming drug this therapy will probably not work. I don't know why it is but it just doesn't. That probably includes Ritalin. It requires a drug-free person who is not hyperactive -- someone whose attention you can hold for a while. Have the person relax to the point he is salivating freely before you begin.

Play this message as often as you wish to disconnect you from different people you have in mind or whose names you have written down. The subconscious must know EXACTLY that you want it done and the subject must be willing to try. He has to WANT to get better.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

Loren Parks

Loren Parks
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