Therapy for grief over the death of a pet

The death of a beloved pet can be very upsetting, to all the family. Two ways to cope with that. First, realize your pet, who loved you, wouldn't want you grieving, and your grief is doing the deceased pet no good. In fact it is not doing anything or anybody any good. Not easy to look at it that way.

You must soon fill the lonely spot with a new pet, and establish a new relationship, a new interest, a new love. You probably don't want to hear that. You want to grieve, and that's your privilege. Maybe it's a necessity. But whether the death is that of a person or a pet, you have to get over it sometime and get on with your life. Most of us have had pets that died. I can tell you from analytical experience that it can leave scars that go well into adulthood. In hypnotherapy I have had grown men cry as I regressed them to childhood and the death of a beloved pet. The exercise that follows is meant to take that old emotion out.


A young woman employee of mine was allergic to her own hair. When her hair brushed her forehead she would develop a rash where it touched. I set up a video camera to record my doing hypnoanalysis with her. She regressed to about age 4 or 5 when the family dog died. Tears started rolling down her cheeks and she cried. We got it all on tape and it was played on a Portland, Or. TV station. The TV staff was amazed, but this is commonplace in hypnoanalysis. The rash? That was the end of it!

The most common effect of a pet's death is depression, and doing therapy on the phone I have had both husband and wife crying over the death of their pet. It took a while to get each one glued back together. They were essentially non-functional. I really don't know the final outcome, but I'm telling you that what you must do is change a viewpoint AND do the disconnect therapy. Grieving will not bring the pet back. And for the sake of both yourself and those around you, you must get over it and get on with your life, just as your loving pet would want.

You'll feel better after listening to the message and you can play it as many times as you wish for increased effect.

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Loren Parks
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