Dyslexia, a reading disability, is very popular nowadays, and much money and time is spent trying to correct it. However, dyslexia is often easy to fix. The problem is getting through the thick heads of the people making money off of it and those who are so programmed it is a medical problem, not a psychological one, that they are not receptive to any other type of therapy for dyslexia or any learning disability. The causes I can correct are always from emotional upsets of some type.

A second problem, and a serious one, is that if the person is on some sort of calming drug like a tranquilizer, it may not work. It is probably the same for Ritalin. Why that is I have no idea, but other therapists have noted that as well.

Research reference:

Omega-3s may help ADHD
There is emerging evidence that low levels of omega-3 acids are associated with hyperactivity in children. British researchers reported in the February issue of Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry (February 2002) that learning-disabled children with symptoms of dyslexia and ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) may behave better and improve their cognitive skills when their diets are supplemented with fish oils.

When I first heard about dyslexia, I heard that the lines would sometimes go off the page or the letters would be upside down or backwards. I said to myself, "That's just the subconscious mind playing tricks. I know how to fix that because I've fixed hundreds of people with other problems where their minds are playing tricks." I know there are other forms of dyslexia and I've worked with some.

My main work in psychotherapy is on depression, poor self-image, and unreasonable fears (phobias). But causes of all these tend to be the same---something somebody said or an emotional upset of some kind, long forgotten perhaps, but nevertheless a program operating in the subconscious.

I will start on dyslexia with a story, maybe two or three. Here is the KEY: The child or adult, if otherwise intelligent and not with ADD, is role-playing. He has been programmed that reading is hard, or that he is stupid, or has had an emotional upset involving reading--maybe several. These programs, like programs on your hard disk, have to be taken out or you have to steam-roller over them! I've done it successfully in a few minutes! Not always, but sometimes, if there's just one program operating.

I was at a school conference in San Diego with a medical doctor friend who had a great interest in education. We were standing in a crowd outside waiting for the doors to open and talking with another man. He mentioned that he was dyslexic. I did something like "When I squeeze your shoulder and say disconnect it will disconnect you completely from the cause of your reading problem." And then I squeezed and said DISCONNECT! 3 times. Then I pulled back the memory of the cause and he remembered something that happened with his father and his brother where his brother was severely criticized for something--I don't recall the details. I think he was about 5 or so, give or take a year or two. Anyway at the same time he complained of his allergies and I worked on that in the same fashion. His allergies were completely cured. He periodically fasted to knock down symptoms and next time he did it he had no symptoms to go away. Anyway the cure was complete for at least 5 years and I presume still complete. I did that in about 30 seconds, maybe less. He hadn't asked to be cured. I just did it. If you think an M.D. is going to believe allergies can be cured by psychological means, especially in 20 seconds or so, think again. They'd laugh in your face. So would most psychologists. The hypnotist probably wouldn't.

I had forgotten about the dyslexia and it wasn't until a year or so later I asked about it. He didn't know. He presumed he still had it. I asked him to read for me over the phone. No problem whatsoever. He was cured and didn't even know it.

Another man is running an alternative school for children with learning disabilities in Portland, OR. "H.E.L.P. for Learning" it's called. I taught him to do therapy and he uses it all the time. He had made it through college but had dyslexia as well as I recall. I used hypnoanalysis and regressed him back to the cause of his learning disability. Tears started rolling down his cheeks as he regressed to about age four when his father was working on the car and he was asked to get some tool I believe. Anyway he did something wrong and his father lit into him about how stupid he was. It programmed him and he had to struggle to get thru college. Now I did that with standard hypnoanalysis, but I've simplified things since then. He's fixed. Better late than never.

A friend's kid was not doing well in school at all, about 9th grade I think. I used hypnoanalysis and regressed him to the cause, which occurred about age 4 when his older brother told him how bad school was and that he wouldn't like it. His grades came right up. Now he had other problems of adolescence but the school work was not a problem anymore.

My son brought a 7 year old neighbor boy to me. He was going to be flunked because of his inability to read well. He thought he read OK. A little difficult to work with as it's hard to keep their attention sometimes. Anyway I found out he was fond of scary movies and there was a lot of residual fear in him. I had him remember various scary movies until he could feel the fear (eyes close, confirming nod of the head) and then I said I was going to take all the scary out of him and I took him by both shoulders and jostled him saying OUT! repeatedly and then having him test to see if the scary was gone. Sometimes I had to repeat, and then we would go on to the next. I saw him twice. My son said later his reading had come up so well that he was passed with his class.

I presented a radio program out of Nashville which came on right after a black preacher, so I got a lot of calls from blacks. One lady, whom I fixed of something, told me her daughter was having trouble in school. I asked if I could talk with her and she put her on the phone. I think she was around 12. She was having a problem with history. I did my thing and found something, I don't remember what. I called some weeks later and asked how the therapy had worked. Her mother told me she had done so well on the history test they suspected her of cheating and were going to test her again. She didn't cheat. I found that the blacks who called me were very receptive to my work and I got excellent results.

You must remember this about all therapy. Some people are difficult to work with. They're agitated, hyperactive (virtually impossible) know-it-all types, very scientific. Others are laid back, cooperative and easy----piece of cake to work with. I don't win them all----nobody does. But I can guide you toward what to look for when there are learning or reading disabilities and you will have some gratifying successes.


They are caused by an emotionally upsetting event. Many occur in the classroom. I've found many reading problems start in about the 2nd grade. They can be caused by anything that creates a negative emotion and involves learning, memory or school. It can be something a teacher, parent, relative, adult or even another kid said. At that young age they are so easily programmed, about anything can do it, but there will be emotion on the part of the child at that time, if only hurt feelings or embarrassment. They may or may not be able to pull the incident up from memory consciously. You don't have to retrieve the memory. If you simply tell the child or person you are going to disconnect him from the emotionally upsetting CAUSE of his learning problem and go through the disconnect ceremony, that will often do it.

Here's where nearly all therapists go wrong. They try to retrieve a memory using hypnosis or hypnoanalysis or free association. If you use hypnoanalysis, an excellent technique, you will often get crying. I've made many hundreds cry to get a cure. It's an excellent technique. But you may get no response at all because the memory and emotions are so upsetting the subconscious won't bring them up without lots of coercion and, if you succeed, you may get an abreaction (crying). It doesn't hurt them but it might scare you.

So what do you do? Simple. I first have the child close his eyes, to add a little mystique. Mainly I want him to go internal and not be distracted by anything. "When I clap my hands and say DISCONNECT! it will disconnect you completely from all the upsetting things that happened to you that caused your reading problem" Then do the clap and disconnect 3 times in sequence. Now the emotions are disconnected---no crying. Now you MUST say this in a way the child thoroughly understands what is going to happen. There are no magic words. Just make sure he gets the idea that when you do such and such, the reading problem will be gone. Of course he won't instantly be a good reader, but he probably soon will be as learning that was arrested will be restarted.

I recently cured an employee in about 15 seconds. When posting this page to the web a few months ago he said he was dyslexic. I did a simple disconnect of the causes of his dyslexia. Next day he said he sat down that night and read a book for 3 1/2 hours and that he could never have done that before. I have no idea of what the cause was. I don't need to know. I just need to do the little ceremony to a receptive subject.

If you're nosey and want to know what happened, you can ask him if he remembered or you ask if he can remember before you do the therapy. Of course simple questioning of the child (or adult) regarding an upset at school or someone calling him stupid or dumb that hurt his feelings can often be remembered ---and with feelings. Ask him! Look at his face when he responds. If you can see he's feeling emotion as he relates the story, that's likely where a big part of the problem is. You may have done it to him yourself, inadvertently. If you've disconnected the emotions and he doesn't remember anything you can say "Now when I clap my hands and say REMEMBER! you'll remember the real cause of your (reading) problem. Now just blank your mind and see what comes up. Don't dig for the memory. Just relax and let it come up. The memory comes up in bits and pieces."

I do the clap, REMEMBER! 3 times and then I say rapidly "Now you remember, now you remember, now the memory is getting clearer" and I may give some more triggers to make the memory more complete. In person I playfully jostle them by the shoulder or tap them. This distracts the conscious mind and allows the subconscious to follow my instructions. After 15 to 30 seconds of that I ask if anything came to mind. It doesn't always succeed, but it usually does. It has nothing to do with the cure, just satisfies my curiosity. The cure was accomplished when I disconnected the emotions. The memory may pop up later in the session or some hours later. One-session cures are great and I get a lot of them, but I usually work on several things and I prefer a follow up.

The key to all mental therapy of this type is to disconnect the subject from upsetting emotions from the past. If the person is now in a stress situation, it can be tough. I am not so skilled in relieving ongoing stresses. I think the key to some of it is to allow the person to gain a different viewpoint.

Most people have no trouble being good subjects. The keyed-up person (hyperactive child) whose mind is racing can be very hard or impossible to work with in my experience. Secondary gain means there's a payoff for having the condition or acting the way they do. It may be to get attention or get money or get their way. These people may respond somewhat but they won't let on. They've got too good a thing going to give it up. If you suspect this is going on, abandon them ASAP.

If you don't try, you'll never cure anybody. Curing is a selling job. You sell a program to the subconscious that it will accept and act on. You don't need a trance. After all, when they were programmed negatively they weren't in a trance. They had an emotional upset and THAT programmed the subconscious because they ACCEPTED the negative suggestion. This is Psychology 101 (Pavlov). Or they generated a program in themselves in a period of high emotion (I'm so stupid).

Now in late Nov. 1997, a year or so after I wrote the original, I think I should throw this in. A divorce can be very upsetting to a child. I retrieved the following during hypnoanalysis from a woman regressed to about age 3 or 4. "I must have been a bad girl or daddy wouldn't have left." In a regression they often cry, even if they're seventy. Age has nothing to do with it. If the emotion was firmly fixed in the mind it doesn't wear off easily in most people. I fixed my own kid, who was about 14 at the time of the divorce and I fixed him in his eary thirties (with tears). So, for example, use this as a suggestion model. "When I clap my hands and say DISCONNECT! it will disconnect you completely from all the upsetting emotions you had involving (your father, your mother, your grandmother's death, your dog's death, parakeet or whatever)." For the clap you can substitute "give you a hug, squeeze your shoulder or whatever is appropriate." Doing therapy by telephone, radio or computer, I say "click on the microphone or sound a buzzer." It doesn't matter what you do, just so the trigger is defined (the subject knows what it means.) You will have a more stable and happier child or adult. Nothing goes "snap" but there is an attitude change and when you test by having the child try to retrieve the emotion he formerly felt, most likely he can't or it will be greatly reduced.

How permanent is the cure? Often times permanent. Symptoms of many types tend to come back when the person gets into a new emotionally stressing situation. You just do the same thing again. Do it several times. You can't hurt anything disconnecting an unpleasant emotional experience. The mind's search engine isn't perfect and it doesn't necessarily retrieve all the upsetting causes of the problem in one fell swoop. You may need to repeat if the symptom rears its ugly head again, but usually the symptom is much reduced in severity.

If you have a dyslexia problem or a block in learning a certain subject or test anxiety, you can write me. I can do therapy over the phone as well as in person and it costs nothing. I like to help people. I make a good living in another field (medical electronics). Your hospital uses equipment I designed and manufactured. (Doppler Ultrasound)

For those of you overseas or here in the USA, I have made a voice file which attacks the most common causes of dyslexia. It is a streaming audio file and will start playing almost immediately if you have Real player installed. I urge you to play it several times.

If you are in the USA and don't get a result from the sound file below, you can write me and we'll work by phone. But please do the recorded audio first. Of course you must have a soundcard in your computer and speakers or earphones to hear the sound.

This first message addresses Dyslexia specifically.

(April 4, 2006)

This message addresses learning disabilities in general.

(July 5, 2005)

It is now easy for me to send you a personal sound file by Internet. Give me some particulars of what you remember and/or who was involved so I can put it in the sound file I send you. All free.

Note: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

Loren Parks

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