Walter. B. Guy, M.D.

I have some interesting cases to report. During the summer of 1933, the writer visited New Hampshire, Maine, New York City and Washington, D.C., and its environs. Wherever he went he found cases of chronic disease of many kinds. Some hopeless and in despair; others still fighting for their lives. To these varied cases the writer gave his acid mineral solution with remarkable results. Some of the cases are worthy of record, and are here briefly recited. The first case, however, was under treatment ere the writer left for the North, but is worthy of inclusion, because of its severity.

May, 1933. L.W., Negress, age 72 years. For two years had Paget's cancer of left breast. Ulcerated area 6 inches around retracted nipple. Painsinkfalung. No glandular invasion. Bedridden, toxemia and asthenia. Acid mineral solution, by vein twice weekly, 12 drops in water four times daily. Locally a saturated solution of copperas to ulcerated area on breast. Quick relief was attained. Oct. 6, 1933,patient well and active, breast still swollen, area of ulceratiin completely healed. During the summer months the solution was taken only by mouth. Still under treatment.

May 15, 1933. White widow, age 74 years, New York City in slum area. Last stages of heart disease and pulmonary tuberculosis; a large cavity in her right lung. Acid mineral solution and a Blaud-strychnine compound tablet twice daily was ordered. Report at this date: Is able to go out and is greatly improved in health.

H. G., white girl. Age, 4 years, New Hampshire. Parents and three older children well. For two years had slowly increasing convulsions until they numbered five to twenty-four daily. Under observation as Boston Childrens Hospital several weeks; report negative. Phenobarbital in large doses ineffective. Examination showed child running about with body bent to right, dry cough and persistent constipation. Headaches preceeded convulsions, evidently not epileptic. Acid mineral solution was given six times daily, with immediate relief. Convulsions returned slightly once weekly for three weeks, then stopped. When last seen had gained in weight, rosy checks and seemed in best of health. Here was plain evidence of increased brain pressure. The diagnosis or cause I will leave for present.

August 15,1933. H. C. White man, age 90 years, New Hampshire. Large tumor in abdomen from fecal impaction in small intestines; Blood pressure, 230. Interstitial nephritis, slight albumin. Bedridden from herpes zoster for four months. Treatment: acid mineral solution, 12 drops in cup of hot water, preceded by dessertspoonful of mineral oil every hour. Complete relief of impaction in forty-eight hours. Acid mineral solution now three times daily. Blood pressure slowly dropping and improving in health.

July, 1933. H. C., white woman, age 43 years, Washington, D.C. Diabetic. Three years before had received intravenous injection of glucose for varicose veins in legs at a Baltimore hospital, which set up a glycosuia; taking forty units of insulin daily for three years. Complained of muscular tetanic spasms, awake and asleep, indicating parathyroid insufficiency. Acid mineral solution was given six times daily, with immediate relief of tetany; also it lowered the excretion of glucose in urine.

M. E. White woman, age 53 years,Washington, D.C. For eighteen years had a horny growth on heel of foot, which would crack, ulcerate, then horn would peel off to form still another one. The whole foot inflamed and sore. Acid mineral solution was given. In four weeks the growth fell off and foot is now healed and free from disease.

H. S., male, age 43 years, Washington. D. C. Weekly migraine; also raised pus from chronic bronchitis. Acid mineral solution given; complete relief in two weeks. Two months later, still well.

E. S., white woman, age 70 years. Complained of gastric distress after eating for past two years. Burning and pain immediately after meals. Acid mineral solution was prescribed. Immediate relief was obtained.

G. H. S. White male; age 72 years, Washington. D. C. Had operation on prostate one year before. Examination showed cavity in apex of right lung. Myocarditis marked, with frequent extrasystoles; carcinomatous growths in bladder wall. Two large cancerous growths in the right groin, 6 x 6 1/2 inches. These growths had occluded right ureter. Anemia marked, weak. Average urinary evacuations 16 times each night. Six intravenous injections of acid mineral solution were given. Daily by mouth. Improvement soon took place. Urinary frequency reduced to five times at night. The ammoniacal urine soon became acid; heart beats become normal, the lung lesion disappeared, also expectorations. Growth gradually reduced to two inches in size. The right kidney ureter opened up, discharging large amounts of pus through bladder. October 1933, case still under treatment. Outcome, owing to advanced age and anemia, still uncertain, but he is much improved.

Other cases might be quoted, but enough has been described to show there must be an underlying factor in all these varied aspects of disease, and that this factor, the writer believes, is a deficiency of potassium in progressive and degenerative disease, including tuberculosis as well as cancer, bringing about a deficiency of chlorine in gastric secretions and an excess imbalance of sodium, calcium, and magnesium in the tissues. Therefore, when the acid mineral solution, containing iron, chlorine, and potassium, is administered, the varied symptoms due to deficiency must inevitably be relieved. We sorely need a simple chemical color test for this potassium deficiency, and this test the writer hopes to be able to find. If so, a future article will be written. Till then, let all carry on this treatment, so helpful in the multitudinous cases that are to be found in every town and countryside.

The child with convulsions was diagnosed by the writer as a tuberculosis involving bowel and brain, causing stoppage of the lymph channels; therefore high cerebral pressure.

In a previous article, reference was made to the claims of Professor Esmond R. Long of Chicago University (Chemistry in Medicine), who found that free glycerin was given off from the fatty acids in tubercular patients, and that this glycerol is the chief food for growth of tubercle bacilli. It seems logical, then, to believe the acid mineral solution producing, as it does, profound changes in the chemical reactions of the tissues, inhibits the breaking down of the fatty acids and the production of the free glycerin in such cases, thus bringing about starvation and death of these invading germs. All cases of tuberculosis when given the acid mineral solution show quick and uniformly curative reactions. The writer hopes that other members of THE MEDICAL WORLD "family" will report their cases to this journal, knowing that only good results can follow. However, it must be clearly understood that when this acid mineral solution is given to cases of cancerous disease, both calcium and magnesium must be rigidly excluded from the treatment; otherwise no good results can possibly follow.

For the reason for this law, study should be made into the mineral chemistry of the soil of the earth, where excess of soluble calcium inevitably produces sterility and permanent injury. Magnesium is the chief impurity of sodium chloride and produces injury to the nervous system when in excess, and as in the writer's opinion, neoplastic growths are but signs of failure of posterior spinal inhibitory control of reproduction of cell life, we can readily see, by the light of this hypothesis, why magnesium is contraindicated in cancer treatment.

The case of keratosis of the foot, a horny growth existing over eighteen years, is very suggestive, for here we have uncontrolled proliferating, epithelial cells, so closely allied to malignancy.

Hence, when a potassium salt is given in an acid solution, and within six weeks the growth falls off, to be replaced by normal skin, shows conclusively that lack of potassium in tissues can be present over many years and that this mineral has a very distinct relationship with cell production, its deficiency causing doubtless excessive uncontrolled cellular growth, not restricted to any portion of the human economy.

The writer has received many letters of inquiry and of commendation, and he believes if such letters were addressed to THE MEDICAL WORLD, all could share in answers, and likewise receive encouragement from the favorable reports quoted.

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