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I believe most headaches are psychological in origin. Therefore they are susceptible to a psychological cure. People who have them probably find that hard to believe. But I've cured many over the course of 20 years, and by cured I don't mean they never have another headache, but that the frequency and severity are greatly reduced. The actual cure takes only a minute or so, but I usually spend a longer time when I work over the phone or in person.

I suggest that to get more things in your favor, you stop drinking caffeine drinks which dehydrate you. I have read several testimonials from people who got rid of their headaches by using more salt and water ( If you have no kidney problem, start your day with 1/8 tsp. salt on your tongue and wash it down with an 8 oz. glass of orange juice. Salt your food more than you have (sea salt is best) and think about drinking a big glass of water 30 minutes before a meal. These measures can be healthful for you and may also affect the severity and frequency of your headaches, unless they are purely psychological. I get about a teaspoon of salt a day and my blood pressure is normal. I'm 81. I know a guy, Jim Bolen, who used to have high blood pressure. He made changes in his habits and ingests 3 tsp/sea salt a day and has normal weight and blood pressure. He also has lots of energy, spreads the word about healing with salt and water. He has nothing to sell. If you have a kidney problem (don't urinate every two hours or are puffy) then don't take salt. Just water, which is a diuretic. I am not a doctor.

The problem with virtually instantaneous healing, and I've seen and done a lot, is that a person doesn't know he's been healed until some time passes. For that reason I prefer to do headache cures while the person has the headache, because most disappear within a couple of minutes of doing my little healing ceremony (not religious).

Headaches are the response to different causes, both physical (strain or bugs) and mental. For dietary causes, see my page on Migraines. Most chronic headaches are mental or have a mental component. The three primary causes of psychological headaches are:

  1. ANGER
  2. GUILT
ANGER headaches are associated with neck and shoulder tension, a dead giveaway.
GUILT headaches are of course self-induced at a subconscious level. They are the most powerful and debilitating outside of migraines. But migraines are often caused by guilt.
ALLERGY or ASSOCIATION headaches are conditioned responses (Pavlovian) when a food, sound, smell or scene reminds one, at an unconscious level, of a previous headache.

Of all the Psych. I studied in college (U. of Minn.), only the work of Pavlov was of any practical value. For those of you who didn't take Psych 101, around 1850, the Russian physiologist Pavlov conditioned dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell (in anticipation of being fed). To get this to happen, he sounded a bell before feeding the dogs at many sequential feedings. The salivary response (yours too) is activated by the imagination or automatically.

At any rate, that and other emotional or automatic responses originate in the so-called subconscious mind. You normally cannot control it by your will, but you can influence it using your imagination. In the case of a severe emotional upset in either humans or other animals, one presentation (upsetting experience) is enough to establish this automatic (conditioned) response. Headaches are only one common example.

People spend thousands of dollars for medicine and doctors and suffer needlessly with conditions that are purely psychological. This has been known for thousands of years and all primitive cultures have some practitioners (witch doctors, curanderos, psychic surgeons, faith healers) who know it. These normally considered physical conditions are mostly curable or brought under control with only a few moments of competently administered suggestion, and I don't mean in a trance. A sugar pill, bad-tasting medicine or a hypodermic of sterile water is a very potent suggestion when properly administered.

I learned the tremendous power of a properly administered suggestion from native healers in the Philippines, mostly scoundrels. But they were often effective beyond belief. Members of tours I conducted were cured of multiple sclerosis, cancer, and other so-called incurable diseases, but only some. I am not as good as they are, but I do healing by telephone and computer programs which is a lot more convenient than going to the Philippines. I do not charge nor have I anything to sell. I have made a lot of TV healing programs for local TV (cable access) and satellite audiences. I have done so many thousands of therapies I know the suggestion usually "takes," but getting feedback without personal contact is virtually impossible.

The whole process usually takes just a few minutes. In fact the healing ceremony takes less than 30 seconds for each possible cause, but there is always the chit-chat and a little background such as knowing when the headaches started and whether they have neck and shoulder tension, whether you're copying them from your mother, etc. Then I have to disconnect all the baloney your doctor has told you.

A doctor is an authority figure, and his words penetrate right into the subconscious (most people) and you are PROGRAMMED to be ill or incurable in many cases. You should know, if you've been out in the world, that everything runs on money. Incompetence, deceit and greed are rampant among many professionals. NOBODY but someone who treats for free is interested in getting you well in 5 minutes. After all, everybody has to make a living!

I'm retired, have been very successful in business, and do healing to help others less fortunate than I. Also to relieve boredom in the winter. I delight in working with people who've seen specialists to no avail. To cure them is an ego trip for me. Rarely does anyone write me about headaches.

Doctors and 90% of psychologists and psychiatrists haven't the foggiest notion of how the mind works. The stage hypnotist is the most knowledgeable, but people are afraid of hypnosis because of the movies.

So with my Philippines experiences with the faith healers and my studies, I developed a non-hypnotic technique. Even with friends with whom I can exhibit all the phenomena of the deep hypnotic trance, I use this simple method. It works every bit as well and is a lot faster than hypnosis. NLP, another therapy method, works, but it's slow and costly.

All psychotherapy works by suggestion. There are lots of gimmicks around to try to get the suggestion of healing accepted by the subconscious mind. My gimmick is the quickest. Self-hypnosis is slow and usually doesn't work. When I'm showing off, I do simple cures in just a few seconds--cures for phobias and depression primarily. In effect, what I do is de-condition or de-hypnotize you, if you will. I do this by telling your subconscious to disconnect you completely at all levels of the mind from whatever emotional upset in the past is causing your headache. If it's organic, it doesn't work. It's rarely organic, despite what you may think. If you know you're holding an intense anger, learn to let it go. You can't change the past.I encourage you to play the sound file below.

I protect you. I only go for emotionally upsetting events, associations, and negative things someone has said to you. I never take away pain purposely, as I don't want to cover up an organic condition. I try to put YOU back in control of your own mind and body. When you have a psychological headache you are being controlled by the younger person within you--yourself, not another personality. You are going back to a previous experience at a level below your conscious awareness. No, it doesn't always work, but it usually helps a lot. Headaches become less frequent and less severe. I only have a headache when I'm really sick, maybe once in three years or so. We're all built pretty much the same, but emotionally we're very different because of our experiences and our reaction to them. Keep this in mind.

Many people keep or feign their headaches as a means of getting some compensation or controlling their environment. (Not tonight, dear, I have a headache.) These people I cannot help. The subject must TRULY want to get rid of the headaches or it's a waste of time. If the person is currently in a severely stressful situation (holding anger), the therapy may help but it probably won't be nearly as effective as it would be with a person not in such a situation.

The body responds in different ways to different stresses. Different people respond differently to similar stresses. One may get migraines with neck and shoulder tension while another gets psoriasis, both caused by repressed anger.

The best overall therapy is to disconnect a person emotionally from all upsetting emotional experiences and not work on a specific symptom. I can actually treat persons knowing nothing of their symptoms or background and without them saying a word. That's why my therapy works on radio, television and by recordings.

I conducted classes averaging about 50 people for 8 years, very successfully. I just went through and disconnected them from a variety of common emotional upsets. Then I did personal zaps on targets I'd missed. I lined them up and spent no more than 2 or 3 minutes with each one. I must have the person's undivided attention and his or her will to get well. When working in person, I can often bring back the memories of the events that caused specific illnesses, but I usually don't take the time because it doesn't make the cure any better. I have a different page specifically for migraines.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

Migraines page

You MUST have a soundcard in your computer and Macromedia's free flashplayer to play the following files.  If you're on dial-up, allow the page to be open a minute or two. Otherwise you will have interrupts, a sure sign of incomplete loading. It's this sound file that brings headache relief -- within a minute or two when it works.  The message is about 3 minutes long and loads almost immediately for DSL and T-1.

First headache message

This second sound file disconnects you from headaches caused by something someone said (doctors & others) and your own thoughts.  Play this last.

Second headache message

After you have tried this therapy for a day or two please send comments or feedback to Thank You.

Melatonin for cluster headaches

From a newsletter ---

When melatonin hit the mass media in the 90s, it became an instant health superstar -- it made the cover of Newsweek; it was the subject of books; and it became both the darling of age-defying gurus and the nemesis of the FDA and other mainstream naysayers. Touted as the cure for everything from aging to jet lag, this hormone was certainly set up for a great fall.

But all that attention wasn't for nothing. While a number of dubious studies were undertaken, several very helpful ones were as well, generating some results I think you should know about.

While the most popular use of melatonin continues to be for the regulation of sleep patterns, one study showed what might be melatonin's most overlooked benefit: treating cluster headaches.

Cluster headaches are intense migraine-like headaches that usually last for a few hours at a time, and often recur in predictable patterns -- like every night for several weeks or months at a time. These recurrences are then followed by complete headache-free remissions for long periods of time until the next bout.

Blood levels of melatonin have been found to be low in people who suffer bouts of cluster headaches, particularly during attacks. In 1996, doctors who noticed this correlation performed a double-blind study where half the participants received 10 mg of melatonin once a day (in the evening) for two weeks, and the other half received a placebo. Headache frequency was significantly reduced in the group that received melatonin, while no significant improvement was experienced by the placebo group.

Cluster headaches, like migraines, can be extremely painful and can actually interfere with the daily lives of the people who suffer them. Although the safety of long-term, high-dose use of melatonin has not been sufficiently proven, there were no adverse effects reported with the short-term treatment outlined above, so if you have cluster headaches, it's definitely worth talking to your doctor about.

Dear Mr. Parks, Thank you for inquiring about my headaches. My computer broke down and I was unable to access my e-mail for several weeks. As you know, I purchased Dr. Cohen's book, "The Magnesium Solution for Migraine Headaches." and within 6 days using magnesium, my cluster headaches were gone. I've been free of cluster headaches for the past 7 weeks. I have my life back again. Thank you for your concern. (LP NOTE: Use Mg Citrate, chelated magnesium, Mg Malate or anything except magnesium oxide, which is poorly absorbed.)

Bonus:Find the person most involved in your headaches.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

Loren Parks,
Psychological Research Foundation, Inc.

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