High School Upsets

High School is a period of emotional turmoil for many. It is also a time when you are highly suggestible, easily led by others, very emotional and often irrational. You are in the period of change from being a child to a man or woman. You have not had the battle scars life deals out, and you're very susceptible to all kinds of pressures, especially pressures to conform to the behavior of others your age. The result can be, and often is, a pattern for physical and emotional ruin.

My target here is the battle scars of a first "love" affair gone bad, a crush gone bad if you will. You may have been throughly infatuated with someone who decided someone else was more attractive and left you. For girls, maybe you had given of yourself sexually, or even worse, were pregnant.

The method I use for all psychotherapeutic intervention is to try to find the earliest experiences of a certain type.

In dealing with a poor self image and depression, I always ask two questions of women: Have you had an abortion? Did you have a high school love affair go bad that hurt you badly? The latter I also ask of men.

The following exercise is an attempt to disconnect you from traumatic experiences of that period in your life.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

Loren Parks,
Psychological Research Foundation, Inc.

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