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Let's start with what you already know and probably accept.

Examples: prayer, rituals by witch doctors or shamans and other religious rituals, exorcism (usually religious), laying on of hands, hypnosis, "psychic surgery", placebos, chants and others I don't recall at the moment. In my view, the basic element in all these is called "suggestion." Put another way, they reprogram the subconscious mind.

When a "psychic surgeon" in the Philippines ostensibly removes pieces of plastic, bamboo grass, chicken feathers and other trash from the abdomen of a Filipino, he may well get cured. If you do that with an American, he won't -- usually. It's not in our culture that these things can happen. But in a culture embracing witchraft, it is quite acceptable and can be effective therapy. I have witnessed these things. If blood clots and guts (of some kind) are ostensibly removed, the American frequently is cured of incurable diseases or conditions. I've witnessed and followed up on those.

Now the Philippine healers fully realize the healing takes place in the mind. When a healer gets sick, he/she goes to a hospital, not to another healer. If you know how the game is played, it doesn't work on you. In summary, the most powerful non-drug, non-nutritional, non-surgical healing method I know of is TRICKERY!

In person I might fool you but on the web I can't. My cures are not as powerful as those that can result from a pilgrimage to the Philippines where the whole group (usually 30 or so) watches your "surgery" and tells you what they saw.

Nevertheless I can tell you what I do is to attempt to reprogram your subconscious mind in order to get you feeling better.

Here is an example of what I just recently did with an employee of about 45 who had some bad headaches, quite frequently. I stopped them. I used techniques I would use with you except I did have her close her eyes to add to the mystique and I did a little hypnoanalysis--but I did not induce a trance. I never do.

Today she told me she had terrible sinus pain. The frequent headaches she had complained about a week ago were gone. I don't remember the cause. I may never have known. So she described the pain and pointed to where it was. She later said her upper cheek under the eye was so sore she couldn't touch it without increasing the pain.

So what did I do? Laying on of hands, an ancient method. I put my hand over the area and told her that when she could feel the healing energy going into her head to just raise her finger a bit. Of course I continually gave her suggestions to create expectancy that she soon WOULD feel the healing energy. After a while the finger came up and I continued a bit. Time--about 5 minutes. Result--about 2/3 of the pain was gone on having her open her eyes. Throughout the day it lessened. It was not all gone by the time she left for home but there was improvement through the day. I think she had a physical problem there and the body now was doing its best to remedy it.

Do I have "healing energy" in my hands? No more than anybody else. I gave suggestion with the ritual and it worked. I've done this effectively many times. If you can cut pain in half, it's certainly worthwhile. You can do it too. IT'S THE CEREMONY THAT HEALS! You create EXPECTATION and give SUGGESTION.

So you're depressed. Would this same technique work. Probably, but that's not what I use. I do a very abbreviated form of analysis. I go to where I think the ROOT of the problem might be from what the subject tells me."I've been depressed since as far back as I can remember." What does that tell me? He/she needs a drug? Not at all. It means the subject felt unloved or unwanted as a child for at least some INTENSE moments or for a series of less intense events.

So what do I do? I ask a few questions. "Do you believe your daddy loved you? Your mother? Do you believe you mother/father loved another child more than you?" For a woman "Were your parents happy to get a girl?" "Your dad?" Just recently I posed that question to a woman of 48 and she was starting to cry when I stopped it -- took only 5 seconds or so to get to the child's locked-in emotions.

I've made hundreds of people cry just with a few words -- well-chosen ones of course. THAT'S where the source of the problem is--where the emotions are. As I've stated in other pages, if you can remember anything and feel an unpleasant emotion, you've got a problem!

Once I've located the problem area, what's next? I get permission from the subect to disconnect him/her emotionally from a particular incident or time in his life. For example, Daddy wanted a boy, but got a girl (my subject). She remembers that full well, and it hurts. I ask her if Daddy showed her love later on and the answer is usually "yes". But the damage is done in the earliest emotional upset of feeling unwanted or being a disappointment to Daddy. I MUST take that out and I do it this way.

"Look, as an adult you know it's perfectly OK to be born a girl, and that Daddy showed you later that he loved you, right? So would it be OK if we told your inner mind to disconnect you completely from all the emotional upsets you experienced involving Daddy so you can get on with your life and be a happier woman?"

I use head nods as responses. I don't allow talking as I think it interferes. Of course the woman answers with an affirmative nod and I do the disconnects as described in other pages, making sure I only take away the emotional upsets, not the good experiences. On the telephone and with my recordings I can't do that, but they're effective anyway. The important thing is to hit the right target.

When I have you play the recording, I target upsets with mother and father as they are the most common. I target early love affairs gone bad, as they are the foundation for future depressive episodes when things don't work out. I ALWAYS search for the earliest episode of depression I can find, because that lays the foundation for future bouts of depression. That may not be rejection, but guilt--even more powerful and longer lasting than rejection. "I should have done this, or I shouldn't have done that." The first thing I ask a depressed woman is "Have you had an abortion?" A few words from a nurse or other person can cause lifelong depression if it triggers guilt. I can take that out with a little rationalization and disconnecting and the person IMMEDIATELY feels much better if that is the major problem.

PHOBIAS: A frightening experience often from childhood. First question: "When did you first develop this phobia." I try to find the time. If it was quite early I suspect a stern warning or hysterical reaction by a parent (like the kid comes in with a bee in a jar). Later on in life, I suspect a frightening incident. Easy to take out. They may come back if all the sources are not completely removed or if the person gets into a high-stress situation, characteristic of virtually all therapeutic cures. Clearly seen with fingernail biters.

ALLERGIES: Pollen: An emotional upset at that time of the year. Allergies are frequently seasonal. My sister-in-law had a bad one in the fall. Never found the source and we had to hit it maybe 3 times or so but it's been gone for years.

A death: Runny nose, teary eyes under certain circumstances as the subject relates at an unconscious level to the death of a pet. I had an employee allergic to her own hair, caused by the death of her doggie at about age 3 or 4. Very traumatic to kids. I've had grown men cry as I took them back in time to a similar event. Nothing to be ashamed of. It's the way we're made.

I've discussed the major problems -- FEARS, DEPRESSION and ALLERGIES. Ongoing stresses are very difficult to deal with. I'm not so skilled there. I believe you have to get out of the stress-provoking situation or have an attitude change about it. EXAMPLE: I fixed a 30 some year old man of lifelong fingernail biting. Took maybe 15 seconds. I just disconnected the CAUSE. I believe it was his stern father. He grew fingernails just fine for several months, and then reverted to biting. I repeated the previous therapy and it didn't work. Later he came to me and said he did have something on his mind that was bothering him. We discussed it and I did a disconnect of something or we agreed on a plan of action. The problem was he had an 11 year old daughter, was divorced, had a new girlfriend he really liked, and she was bugging him to have a baby and he didn't want another. He really likes the girl but doesn't really have the guts to flat out tell her she'd better find someone else. He was also sterilized many years ago so how that fits in I really don't know.

After our discussion and a little bit of my simple therapy, the fingernails were no longer bitten even tho he hadn't actually confronted the girl with his decision to break it off if she insisted on having a child (one way or another.) The easy things are the CHRONIC conditions. Like my programmer. Lifelong fingernail biter and disbeliever in therapy. 15 seconds of my disconnect therapy maximum and the cure good now for probably nine months. Now he has to trim his nails with a clipper, something he never had to do before. He was under a lot of stress with two small businesses and a consultancy. So we talked. What we wound up with was a bad relationship with his mother (he's about 42), lifelong. So we agreed to disconnect her as I think she was a little crazy as well. He felt tremendous relief immediately -- could hardly believe it.

So what we have here in dealing with current stress is essentially an attitude change, and I guess really that applies to all over-and-done-with events as well. A different perspective. We're all carrying old emotional baggage, keeping us from being as functional as we would otherwise be.

The key is this: In some manner, by a conscious or unconscious search, find the source of the problem. Then get an attitude change about it. One of my frequent admonitions during therapy is this. "I want you, the person you are today to be in charge of yourself, not the little girl within you. So when I clap my hands (squeeze your hand, shoulder or whatever) and say DISCONNECT! it will disconnect you completely from that younger girl (woman) within you and YOU will be in charge of your own emotions."

That's not a hundred percent effective, but if you've targeted the problem area, it probably will be for that particular time or incident in her life.

REMEMBER THIS: The subconscious mind is where the emotions come from. It is child-like and non-reasoning. It responds to commands from an outsider (or a recording) much more readily than it responds to commands you give it. When it is given a command with a defined "trigger" it is much better accepted. "Here, Mommy'll kiss it and make it well." Exactly the way to do it! I will do this and that will happen. That's the way you do it.

You can do therapy, too. And some of you will do far better than many professionals for the simple things. It's a knack some people can develop. NEVER take away pain unless you're sure it's not serious. NEVER prevent a person from going to a doctor. Just do the chronic stuff as in my examples. Don't work with suicidals. If the subject is on tranquilizers, it probably won't work but you can try anyway.

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