Being humiliated certainly is not good for your self-esteem.  I believe many mental and physical illnesses are the result of low self-esteem.  Put downs, feeling you were born the wrong sex, daddy left and you feel somewhat responsible, a new baby comes along and displaces you as the prime target for attention.  A whole bunch of things can cause low self-esteem as a child.  And that's where we must begin.  Humiliation actually comes later in life, but that's our target for this page.

So when you can remember being humiliated, and that's different from embarrassment, and you can feel negative emotions as you remember the incident, someone else is controlling you.  Is that what you want?

My goal is, with all the messages on my website, to put you more in control of yourself so you're a happier, healthier person.  I do that by pointing out where the problems might be and disconnecting you from the source, as best I can by automation.

What you must do is remember the incident and attempt to get into the feelings as best you can.  This gives me the connection to your subconscious I prefer so I can disconnect the cause or causes.  It certainly helps to play the message more than once.

So below is the link to the recorded message.  It is fairly short and even dial-ups shouldn't have to wait long for it to load.  It does not go on your hard disk.  Since you're here I'll put on a second message about being shamed by someone for what you did, and accepting shame for doing something that really wasn't that bad, like messing your pants as a child.  You may not recall that, but I will send the message to your subconscious to take away the shame of normal childhood incidents.  Click the play button to play the message.

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