Motion sickness can be incapacitating! I know it well -- from my past. On the Columbia River bar while salmon fishing some 25 years ago I wanted to die! I got over mine, without therapy. I can be in a rough ocean in a small boat and I may get scared but I don't get sick. How the cure came about, I really don't know. But I've fixed several people of their air and other motion sickness.

Using hypnoanalysis, I found the cause to be car sickness as a child and carnival rides, the former the most prevalent. So what I do in therapy is disconnect the early association between motion and nausea. The nausea is often what is called a conditioned reflex in psychology. What I'm trying to do is extinguish a conditioned response (Pavlov). Often a person susceptible can just imagine himself in a boat or in a bumpy plane ride and feel nausea. You KNOW then it's in your head.

I go on cruises and see people with patches on them to alleviate nausea when I notice almost no movement of the ship. Those are prescription items. Dramamine is often used but can make you sleepy.

You can play this streaming audio message as many times as you wish provided you don't shut down your computer. You don't need anything but a sound card and Real Player to play it. I prefer earphones to listen as some cheap computer speakers are pretty bad. I have Labtec and they sound pretty good.

The only way I know to test is this: Before listening, imagine you are in a situation that caused you motion sickness in the past and try to feel it. Hopefully you can, to some degree. After the exercise I do on the sound file, try to imagine again and see how you feel. If it's working, you won't be able to get the feelings back.

DO NOT GO INTO MEDITATION MODE! You'll block my message. Just be normal, quiet, and listen without distractions. Play it twice or more and another day or week for reinforcement. Repetition helps. Imagine yourself in the troublesome situation (bouncing around) and tell yourself you feel perfectly OK. You can talk to yourself somewhat, but having another person do it is MUCH more effective when done properly (suggestion with a trigger) as I do on the sound file.

No guarantees, but Good Luck and let me know.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

Loren Parks
Psychological Research Foundation, Inc.

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