One of the easiest things to fix with my method is fingernail biting. When you hear the suggestion you will think it is ridiculous and that it can't possibly do any good. But the proof is how your fingers look in a couple of weeks. Like anything else, for some it takes just one time hearing the message. Others require repetition. For a very few, the stress level is too high and it won't work at all. But the price is right!

TESTIMONIAL: Received May 1, 2002

> Mr. Parks, I just wanted to thank you. I am 28 years old and have been a nail biter for as long as I can remember. A few weeks ago I came across your website and called your message line. While I was listening to the message I couldn't believe I was actually making that call. I felt extremely silly! However now several weeks later I can actually tap my fingernails on the table for the first time I can remember. I am no longer ashamed of my hands and I feel more self confidence already. Thanks again!

TESTIMONIAL: Received Feb. 18, 2002

Wow...thank you verrry much. I can't believe it but listening to your phone message worked, it worked!! I've listened to it twice... I have always believed in mind over matter and I have quit smoking and for over 10 years now, but I couldn't stop biting my nails for whatever reason.

Anyway it's been almost 3 weeks now and my nails look great for the first time in hmm...38 years or so....it's so nice not to have to hide my fingers. I really like having nails, and I do believe I am over it. My dad did use his belt on me from time to time but that's just the way they did things back then so I don't hold it against him at all but I do believe that was probably it, looking back on it....thank you, thank you verry much....Ray

Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 21:49:52 EST
Subject:I Still Can't Believe It

I found your website about 4 weeks ago while desperately searching for some cure to nailbiting. I was extremely skeptical at first...but decided to give it a try. Am I glad I did! IT WORKED! IT WORKED! IT WORKED! I actually painted my nails tonight for the first time in 32 years! Thank you so much!


From:"Upton, William M "
To:"'Loren Parks'"
Subject:RE: Nail Biting
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 11:23:51 -0500
Mr. Parks,
As a long time fingernail biter and skeptic of any therapy for it, I am truly amazed at the results of your voice message! After just two weeks, my nails are longer and stronger than they have ever been, and I have no desire to bite them again. Due to my success, it is not necessary to hide my nails while in public anymore! I have strongly recommended your service to several friends and family members. Thank you again for all your support. Bill Upton


Dear Loren:

I listened to your phone message about 2 hours ago. I am 33 years old and have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember. In the last 2 hours I have not once bitten my nails. This in itself is unbelievable, I am always tearing into my nails to the point that they are bleeding and when there is nothing left of my nails I get my pocket knife out and start cutting on my cuticles and when I was done with that I would chew the hair off of the backs of my fingers. It was a never-ending vicious circle.

I will say, after the 2nd time you said "disconnect", I had a strange feeling that something had changed, like there was a program that was in my head that had been running my whole life and had finally shut off.

I will let you know in couple of weeks how I am doing. I am sending a friend of mine the link to your nail biting page, she makes me look normal. Her fingers are bloody stumps.
Thank You!

Brian Walker

Dear Loren:

I am writing you back, with FINGERNAILS almost tapping the keyboard, to let you know that your message is working. I am a pretty straightforward person and I don't put much weight into things like this, but, I had tried everything on my own to quit and nothing worked. I believe that a lot of what a person does is within their control and that most of the time they just don't want to change. I wanted to change so my 4 mo. old son would not grow up seeing me bite my nails and I could not quit. Now I have nails and feel no anxiety about starting to bite them again. I have found in high stress situations that I started to bite a nail, but instantly recognized what I was doing and quit, whereas before I would not have noticed that I was biting my nails until they were all gone. I finally feel like I have control of this problem and I can beat it, and have beaten it!

I am going to call and play your message for my mother. She bites her nails also, which is where I think I got it from. I will let you know how she does. I have also sent the link to this page to former associates that I have worked with that bite their nails. I have not received any response back from them to find out if they have tried it yet or not.

Again, Thank You! This is one of the greatest things that I had completely given up hope on. Now all I have to do is get used to having nails. If you have anyone that is looking for a reference as to experience with them.

Thanks again,
Brian Walker NEW INFO: BRIAN IS A PROGRAMMER, AND BECAUSE OF Y2K HE GOT INTO A HIGHLY STRESSFUL SITUATION AND STARTED BITING HIS NAILS AGAIN. I have mentioned before that if one is on a tranquilizer and perhaps Ritalin, or is in a highly stressful situation, the therapy won't work or hold. I think this is true of all mental healing. Whether or not he now bites, I don't know. But stress or worry will sometimes bring the habit back and you must recognize that, take care of the stress or wait until it is over, and replay the message.

Another factor is that when there has been an extremely frightening event, the simple therapy may not get it all out. Like an ether mask when you were a kid, a terrifying carnival ride, auto accident, movie.

We must always go to the EARLIEST frightening experience and target that. Try again when the stress is lower. If you aren't successful, write me and I'll do you over the phone. No charge but try the automated stuff a few times first.


Subject:my fingernails
From: "Michael Stenger/MNA"
Date:Thu, 16 Dec 1999 13:28:14 -0500
Thank you for your research. I am 29 years old and I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember. Only twice in my life, I have been able to quit this habit, but I have started shortly afterwards. As I was searching the web, I came across your research for nail biting. I was sceptical at first, but listened intently and with purpose to you. It has been almost 2 weeks and my nails are looking great. I am very pleased with these results. Even when I put my nails in my mouth, I am quick to realise that I don't want to bite them. In the past, even when I knew what I was doing, I did it anyway. Now that impulse is gone. I will email you again once I see the results into the next year.

Thank you.
Michael Stenger

So throw out all your preconceived ideas and give my method a try. In the USA it costs only about a 4 minute phone call.
Just be relaxed, freely salivating, and open minded. You don't have to believe it will work. Just let the message go in. Now you may have to listen to this message more than once, maybe several times when the habit comes back.

Here's a letter just received Mar.13, 2001

I have listened to your message several times since last year (Sep/Oct 2000). It took me 3 times to hear it over the computer and one telephone call to actually make me stop biting my nails (Feb 2001).

I wish I had a picture of what they looked like before I stopped. People would literally cringe when they saw them. Ugly, sometimes bleeding, painful little slivers of the nail would be left.

I have been biting my nails as long as I can remember, and have tried mulitiple times to stop. As of March 13, 2001, this has been the longest I have ever gone without biting, except when I had "nail tips" put on at a nail salon.

I have passed on your website to others and hope it works well for them.

Thank You, Mrs. Ann ______.

Essentially what my message says is that when I click on the microphone (or sound the buzzer) and say DISCONNECT, it will disconnect completely all the causes of your fingernail biting. Of course it sounds stupid, but the success rate is at least 90% with one shot. All you can lose is the price of a 6 minute phone call. Play it again in a week if you want, but you may not need to.

Lots of people come to this site but few actually call. This is a big mistake. It's the actual voice delivery that does the job. I do it right. Isn't it worth a buck or two on a phone call to perhaps get rid of a lifelong disgusting habit? If you are on Ritalin or a tranquilizer or in a highly stressful situation now, it probably will not work.

If you are outside the USA you can do it yourself (to someone else--you can't treat yourself easily). Have the person standing, eyes closed. Put your hand on his shoulder and say the following firmly. "When I squeeze your shoulder and say DISCONNECT, it will disconnect you completely from all the causes of your fingernail biting." Then squeeze firmly with some shaking of the subject's shoulder to distract his mind and say DISCONNECT! forcefully. Do the squeeze and disconnect 3 times in a row, one after the other. Done. All you do now is wait. Of course the subject doesn't think it will work, and neither do you. Do it anyway and wait a week or two. Growing unbitten fignails is the only proof. What either of you thinks about the therapy is irrelevant. I've done similar things thousands of times and it worked. I've been nearly 100% on fingernails.

I make no charge. In a day or so please write me and tell me either what a genius I am or how stupid I am, but be SURE you wait at least a day to call me stupid!

Some have said it came back. Remember, if you're a really bad case and tried what I have on the web, you can write me and I can work with you over the phone. No charge. When the proper target is hit, you will actually know it's worked within a couple of hours because you have no inclination to bite your nails.

Streaming audio on the web is now available. You MUST have a sound card to use it. Sound quality is poor, but if you understand it, that's all that is required. I prefer you use the phone if you are in the USA. I now have a number you can call to a computer at work. It is 503 848-8827. Press #39 for fingernail biting. The phone call is about 5-6 minutes and there is no charge by me, just the regular long-distance rate. Call after business hours if you wish.

The message by telephone has proven effectiveness, but if you are overseas the streaming audio is probably best. Essentially it says "When I say the word disconnect 3 times in a row, it will disconnect you completely from the causes of your fingernail biting." The whole therapy takes 1 minute. I need your feedback. You will know if it worked within an hour or two. Please have the courtesy to write me when you know it worked or didn't work.


A few weeks ago I noticed a lady in our bridge group--late sixties or early seventies-with terribly bitten nails. I asked if I could give her a ten second treatment and she agreed. I did it and next week I saw no change. I thot it hadn't worked. Then she told me she was on a tranquilizer and I wrote it off as a total loss. Well a few weeks later I noticed she had fingernails, with polish! I could hardly believe it. Again today I looked them over and she was quite proud. So in spite of the tranquilizer I got thru. The source of the problem was most likely the ether mask over her face when she had her tonsils out as a child (that used to be the style).

So I was told by her boyfriend she was a worrier and she admitted to chronic depression (always early childhood trauma) so I asked if I could try to take it away. Questioning revealed it was rejection by her father (long dead) so I disconnected her from her father and emphatically stated that I was putting HER in charge of her emotions and disconnecting the little girl within. We'll have to see how it comes out. Now a year or so later (2002) I really don't know how she is and I feel I shouldn't ask as she's part of our group again.

Further info: I have one guy (employee) who has relapsed several times. Takes only a few seconds to get him back on track. Sometimes he can identify the stress, sometimes not. But the price is right! A re-do has always fixed him, for a while at least.

If you get into a new stress, it is quite possible the habit will reassert itself. Why, I don't know. All you can do is disconnect again, usually from a person. I don't win them all.

A computer consultant I worked on was utter failure, even tho he was friends with two cures and saw a third.

TESTIMONIAL:(received July 11, 2000)
Dear Mr. Parks:
I'm a 38 year old man that has had a bad (unstoppable) habit of biting my fingernails since an auto (rear end) collision December 6th, 1995. Never have I looked for help of any type to stop it prior to searching the web for answers recently. To say bad habit doesn't quite do reality justice. My nails had become non-existent. The worst thing about this habit is the shame, and hiding of it. Normally I have a fairly round personality, But when someone does notice my fingers, and I always know when they have because of my self consciousness about it, I get extremely hot, and embarrassed, and I think I can just chuck my personality right out the window because it is secondary to the pure repulsive reaction.

I read the pages at your site, and I wondered about the reasons few people would call your phone line. Many visit your site, But few call. I just want to say to your readers, even if you are going through a highly stressful situation (as I am) please do it for yourself, and call. Because what ever the reason, listening to that phone message worked. I realize it could be a temporary fix because of the stress I'm experiencing. But then I got to thinking about it. Knowing something about computers I have had to uninstall programs when they we're not functioning properly, and reinstall them to get them up and running. I don't know exactly why that is, I can only assume that our mind can work in the same way. If my new non-nailbiting program becomes corrupt, I'm going to call and listen to the message again. From what I see there is nothing to lose. I urge you to call and listen.

I wish you could see a photo of my fingernails. Before calling and listening my nails were so bad, (actually my lack of nails) they were bloody stumps. I would cry about it. I would walk around with my fists balled up like I was ready to nail someone. Pardon the pun. I would sleep pretty much the same way just in case my wife might see them in the morning.

You owe it to yourself to call and listen to the message. I always notice fingernails, and I have seen bitten nails before. Aside from one time, mine were the worst I have ever seen. I'm sure everyone around me knows I have bitten them. I don't fit in with people with my nails so bad, and I have declined many opportunities for employment, and recreation as a result.

Don't put your happiness, and personality on the side due to the shame that I know you are feeling. I would be happy to talk with anyone at any time about this because I know how you feel about it. And again, if the message doesn't last, I'll call again. I'd call if the price went up to a hundred dollars a call. But it was free. What have you got to lose?
William Little

AND ANOTHER TESTIMONIAL:Received July 16, 2000
Dear Mr. Parks,
I had to write you to thank you for curing me of a life-long battle with nail biting. I am a 35 year old male who has picked and bitten his nails for as long as I can remember. My fingers were always sore, bleeding, and an ugly sight to see. I can't count how many times I tried to quit with the same result...sore, ugly, bleeding fingers. When I met you and you told me that you could cure me of my nail biting, I have to admit that I was rather skeptical of your method. How could something so simple stop me from a life long habit? Within a few days I realized that I was no longer picking them. I even had to clip my nails with clippers for the first time. Since that time I have had a couple of stress-related relapses. I find that calling your hotline or dialing into your web site will cure me of it and get me back on track. My daughter, Stevi, learned the bad habit from seeing me bite my nails. She started biting at a very young age and at the age of 10 I told her to call your hotline. She has had great success as has her friend, Lindsay, who also does not pick her nails any longer. To sum it up, your method is simple, quick and is somewhat of a miracle to someone like myself and my family whom I drove crazy for many, many years of nail biting.

Thank You

Mike Foley
Gresham, Oregon
Loren's comment: Mike has fallen off the wagon at least 6 times. Family stresses get to him and since I see him every work day I know what is going on. I can fix him for a while, but then he gets in to something a bit upsetting and the old habit is back. I think he worries about things he can't control. I don't win 'em all.

July 18, 2000
Dear Loren:

Once again, THANKS! It's been 3 months and I have the longest nails yet! I'm getting so many compliments! You are truly God sent!

I have used the telephone and only called once. The results have been truly amazing. I did refer two other people. One has been successful, the other has not. The first person was a 66 year old grandmother. The other is in her 30's and has a great deal of personal stress to deal with (in-law problems, etc.) I told her to keep calling so the message is reinforced.

You can use my first and last name if you wish. I'm very proud of this accomplishment!

Received Aug 7-pix and letter:
Loren, I recently attended a Family Wedding and was proud of my beautiful long nails of which I am attaching a photo. Thanks again for your help!! Words can't express my gratitude. Feel free to post the photo on your site. Regards, Maria Sforza

July 25, 2000 Testimonial

From: A. Southern,
. Subject: treatment for nail biting
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 09:12:51 PDT
Dear Dr. Parks,

I am 42 years old and have chewed my nails as long as I can remember. As a child I was spanked weekly or had to endure some kind of punishment for my nail biting habit. My childhood was extremely dysfunctional and as an overly stressed child, not only did I bite my nails, I had hives and stomach aches continually.

As I became an adult and moved away from the home environment, the hives and stomach aches went away, but the nail biting continued. I've worn sculptured nails for several years, but I was always picking at them and although I liked the way they looked, I disliked having to wear them.

Hating my bad habit and feeling like a failure, I began to search for an answer and came across your treatment on the internet. I called and listened to your phone treatment. I was totally amazed at how a few simple words could change a life-long habit. It has been a week and 4 days since I chewed my nails---that is a miracle in itself. I have to say that I listen to your recorded streaming audio message on the computer almost every day. I figure I have a lot to let go of and if I have to listen to it 5 times a day I will because it has helped me so much. Everytime I listen to it, I feel it in the pit of my stomach. At times I catch myself starting to chew and I can say to myself "No, don't do that", and I quit, and when I notice myself starting to pick at my cuticles, I listen once again and it goes away. I think this might take me some time to completely let go of this habit, but I know I can do it, thanks to your help. I'm looking forward to having a manicure and my own painted fingernails. Thank you so very much for caring enough to help me and all the others out there that will benefit from your kindness. Thank you a million times over.
A. Southern, San Diego, CA.

Testimonial from Australia

Dear Loren, Thank you, thank you, thank you. It will be six weeks on Tuesday since I discovered your site on fingernail biting and listened in. I can't believe it. I'm very sceptical about anything like this, but it really works. I've never had to struggle with that desire to bite my nails ever in the six weeks. If I felt 'nibbley' I went in and listened to your words. I have passed on your site to any nail-biter I spot, but haven't heard from them yet. I teach embroidery every week and was constantly bothered by my unsightly nails and now I just show them off. I have bitten my nails for over 30 years and I feel so good about myself these days, I just can't stop looking at them. With kindest regards from a very happy ex-nail-biter.
Lisa Ashton

Employee testimonial

Aug.16, 2000 My name is Toni Sullivan. I work at Parks Medical, and am lucky to have an employer that helped me break a bad habit.

I began to bite my fingernails about the time I started to school. All through my childhood I tried to stop! My parents and grandparents tried to help me. Nothing worked! As a teenager, I occasionally got a little fingernail growth, but I couldn't leave them alone.

When I was twenty-years-old, Mr. Parks asked me if he could try to disconnect me from this bad habit. I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain. So, I agreed. He did it just once. I have not wanted to bite my nails since.

I am amazed! My hands are so pretty. My grandparents were so proud of me they had a very special ring designed for me on my 21st birthday.

My nails have been beautiful for 1 year and 10 months, now. I receive compliments on my hands all the time. I recently completed a modeling course and was judged a perfect 10 on my nails. I am very proud and grateful to Mr. Parks for caring enough to take the time to help me. Disconnecting really worked for me. I'll never have to have acrylic nails put on or be ashamed of my hands. They are perfect now. The nails are strong and beautiful.
Toni Sullivan
Nail biting and panic attacks
This letter is from Simon, now fixed of both nail biting and panic attacks (not shown in this letter.). I did the panic attacks for him over the phone.

Hello again Loren,

You may remember that I wrote to you a week or so ago, reporting on the status of using your finger nail biting / picking "disconnector". When I wrote to you last time, I was still struggling to make this a 100% event. However I am now at the point where I can truly say that I have no urge to even put my fingers near my mouth. Thanks to your messages, my life-long habit of biting my fingernails has been truly disconnected.

As an engineer, my usual response to statements like this is "what changed". Well I spent some time looking around your site, and found that you also have other messages. The one that caught my eye was the "disconnect childhood upsets to age 12". I have now listened to this message a few times in conjunction with the finger nail one, and - hey presto - it has done the trick. If someone were to have told me "I can stop you biting your finger nails by listening to a couple of short messages" a few weeks ago, I would have shrugged the comment off as not being serious. Now I am totally convinced.

I wish to report that I have been taking 20mg of paxil a day now for the last few months, for reasons that will become clear in a minute. However albeit selfishly, we now have proof that my experience goes against your assertion that anything on your pages will not help.

Of course, one can never get enough of a good thing. I read on your "panic" page that you would be glad to try to help with panic attacks. I have been suffering for a few years with anxiety, panic attacks and the like. I am totally committed to try to get this in check, but some unfortunate connections in my head are giving me some bothers. Before going in to a long case history, I was wondering if you would still be willing to try to help with this.

With more thanks than I can express in words, Simon.

Received April 20,2001

Dear Loren,

I first listened to your message last spring, and a year later, I am biting-free. I am 47, and I have bitten my fingernails since first grade....so that's forty years of the habit. My parents were on me to "stop that". My friends, I'm sure, noticed the ugly fingernails. My wife of 17 years kept on me.

But then, last April(2000), I listened to your 'disconnect' message and have never bitten my nails since. I am the proud owner of 10 natural fingernails that I clip and tend to just like "ordinary" people. Even my mother-in-law noticed me clipping my fingernails and congratulated me. Thanks for your service.

Charles Johnson

From: "Richard Roseweir"
To: leparks@hotmail.com
Subject: Nail Biting Success Story
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 11:57:19 -0700
On June 16th of this year(2001), I downloaded and listened to your "Disconnect" hypno-message as pertaining to nail biting. At that time, the nails on both my hands had been picked and bitten all the way down to the quicks. The tips of my fingers were bloody, swollen and very painful. I have been a nail biter for my entire life, having attempted various cures, remedies and techniques to stop this habit, but all without much success.

I am happy to report today, being August 24th (2001), that my finger nails have recovered and grown to such a length, that they are almost visible over the tips of the fingers when viewed from the palms.

Thank you Loren for this simple yet wonderful technique that has seemingly enabled me to put aside this unhappy habit and enjoy a handful of fingernails. It is so good to be increasingly able to scratch my wifes back, pick up a dropped coin, remove a splinter from my son's skin and open a folding pocket knife.

I do so appreciate you having had the foresight to make this "cure" available to us habitual nailbiters, via the internet and your telephone recordings. More strength to you Loren, as you continue with all that which brings you great pleasure. Yours sincerely,
Richard Roseweir
Surrey, BC, Canada

Aug 21, 2002. From Laura S.
Dear Mr. Parks; I listened to your message several weeks ago and I am thrilled to report that I have not bitten my fingernails since. I have controlled my habit on rare occasions, and for brief periods, but I have never before been able to grow all 10 nails at once. I'm 44 years old and I have tried everything to break this horrible habit. I don't really understand the dynamics behind your method, but it works. My nails look great! Your message was particularly interesting because I was so frightened by Alfred Hitchcock movies as a little girl that I did not allow my son to watch scary movies until he was much older. I also found it interesting that I felt physically ill after listening to the message, but that was a small price to pay and the headache and nausea were gone by the next day. I can't thank you enough for helping me overcome this unattractive and frustrating habit! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
NOTE FROM L. PARKS: I've never heard of the nausea and headache following this therapy. I would guess her body was putting up a fight to keep the habit. As I've said before, the subconscious is crazy and doesn't really care whether you live or die. It will control you if you let it.

To: Laurie
>Subject: Re: No longer ashamed!
>Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 10:59:17 -0800 (PST)
A very nice testimonial. Can I post it without your last name as the others are pretty old.
Loren >

From Laurie: Original testimonial.

I can't remember a time that I have not been free of the compulsion to chew my nails. I have struggled to quit for a few months at a time severl times throughout my life. It was always a battle to not get those fingers near my mouth. I'd always get stressed and upset and start bitting and every time worse than before. I often had swollen painful cuticles and grotesquely bitten and bleeding nails. They were very painful, physically and emotionaly. As a 43 year old professional women, it just didn't seem right. I finally decided that I should try hypnosis or some sort of therapy to treat this compulsion which had controlled me since before I could remember. I went on-line to finger nail bitting sites and saw an abundance of sites related to fingernail bitting. I lucked into your site and saw the testimonials from adults just like me! Hey, I had nothing to lose and it was free.

I listened to your message and I have not had any desire to chew and mangle my nails since. I don't even feel the need to have my fingers near my mouth. I don't feel the need to click my nails on my teeth or on the counter or anything. I went for my first manicure ever a month ago! I clip and file my nails and keep a nail strenghtener on them. When I look at my nails I don't feel that temptation to rip them off with my teeth! Instead I feel pride. I finally feel like an adult and a success! My friends can't believe it, my nails are nicer than theirs and my hands are beautiful! I have let go of any desire or compulsion. I never even consider wanting to bite them at all!!! I've actually had nightmares where I think I've bitten my beautiful nails off and I'm so very upset, but very relieved when I wake up!

Hooray! Thank you, Loren!

Her permission: Thank you so much for a reply! I really mean every word of what I said and more! I really feel free! I know that I was ready to quit and that helps, but every time I have quit... .probabaly every year for 30 years I've quit for a few months at a time. It was always a battle. I always had those fingers near my mouth, clicking them on my teeth, picking at them, bitting my cuticles and just letting them bother me in general. This time, I feel it! Or rather I don't feel it. I just have nails and I don't spend the time "trying to quit"...they are there, they look great and I don't obsess about them. And I truly have had bad dreams about bitting them off and being soo sad! I don't know how or why this worked, but thanks again! Yes! Please feel free to use my testimonial! It was the testimonials that really got me, plus the fact that there is no charge involved! If there had been a cost I might have felt like it was a scam. Thanks again!

To all readers of this webpage from L. Parks:
If you don't get a result or the cure doesn't last, you are in a stress situation or perhaps you have more than one cause and the thing to do is try again, having the attitude you really want to get over this habit, be freely salivating and relaxed when you hear the message, and keep trying. After all, nobody is born a fingernail biter. It's something you acquired, usually at an early age. Often a person is involved, so disconnect upsets with father or mother or anybody else you had problems with around the time you started biting. Keep at it! Your chances of success are high. I will talk to you if you want, but only after you've tried repeatedly. Sometimes it works for a few days and then you relapse. Look at what is going on in your life to bring the habit back. Some kind of stress, or inner conflict you haven't resolved (stewing about something).

I suggest you go to my website and choose "Childhood Upsets". I have no proof how well it works but its purpose is to disconnect you emotionally from all the emotional upsets of your childhood. Can't hurt anything and you might correct several little problems.

The buttons below are for the streaming audio IF you have a sound card. Wait for loading to complete (bottom gray line blank) and then press the right button. It does not go on your hard disk. Quality is not as good as the telephone message and if you are in the USA I prefer you use that. It has a proven track record.

All finger picking and nail biting comes from a stress, usually early in life. It is a conditioned response and we have to break it by getting the subconscious reprogrammed. That's what my message attempts to do and it will work if your stress level isn't too high, like worrying about something.

I have an experimental message on another page which is better quality audio than that below but it does go on your hard disk. It's purpose is to break the link between stress and fingernail biting. It is designed for those who didn't have success with the telephone or streaming audio messages, or those who had success but then reverted to the habit. I tried it on Mike Foley (above) when he started biting again and it has worked. It is at
Didn't work or came back

We have been having trouble with the short downloads. Following is a one-minute file of 1.3 MB, a .wav file (no text). This recording and playback capability (accessories, media player)is built in to your computer. It will take maybe 3 or more minutes to load but you can store it and play it again if needed. I have a RealOne player (free) and it plays on that, but if you don't have that, it plays on something in your Windows program. If you have problems, let me know. A second file below targets childhood fears. It's 512Kb and should download pretty fast.

If you can, use the automated therapy telephone link--a 5 minute message of proven effectiveness. (USA) 503 848-8827. At my voice press 39 quickly. Call anytime.

Note: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

.wav file fingernail download

Streaming audio disconnecting childhood fears resulting in nail biting.

A good and lasting cure is more likely if you can remember the incident that started your nail biting. I would appreciate feedback on how well this worked. Therapy failures are usually due to high current stress levels. The therapy works best if the stress causing it is over and done with.

Streaming audio to help you remember the childhood fears resulting in nail biting.

More "disconnect" exercises on another site (YOUTUBE).
Loren Parks
E-mail: leparks2@yahoo.com

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