Sept. 15, 2000

This is a special page created because of one of my employees who backslides into fingernail biting when he gets into a stress or worry situation. He was worried about an operation his girlfriend was to have and was fingernail biting again (Mike Foley mfoley@hevanet.com).  So I did a disconnect on him saying that he would no longer bite his fingernails as a reaction to stress.  It's worked for 3 days so I thought I would try it with some volunteers from the web.

I know there've been failures.  There are with any psychotherapy, and for 4 minutes and free you expect perfection?  Well, expect it or not, I want as high a success rate as I can get and that's why I ask you to try this and write me of success OR failure.  I need to know that.  I'll give you a special e-mail address for users of this page only.

So today is Sept.17, 2000.  The recording is below.  Even though it is not well done it should do the job.  Its purpose is to break the automatic connection between stresses which come up in all lives and your automatic response of fingernail biting or picking.  Keep that in mind as you listen.  Results should be immediate.

Now this is a potentially very valuable therapy if it works. Look, who else tries to fix fingernail biters in 2 or 3 minutes?  I don't care how many degrees other therapists have, and I am not a professional, they don't have the necessary between the ears to do what I do and they certainly wouldn't do it for free.  Yet following my method, you can do it for others.  It's not rocket science.  It's simply breaking away from old ideas that are stupid and don't work well.  Most people can't make that switch.

So anyway, the suggestion I will give by voice is essentially this.  I will let you hear a buzzer.  Then I will say that when you hear the buzzer and I say DISCONNECT! it will disconnect the link in your mind between stress or worry and fingernail biting and you will never again bite your fingernails because of stress or worry.

My e-mail for this page only is parksl@pacifier.com.

If you try it, please write. Give it at least a day as a test period. And don't hesitate to repeat it if you start biting again. Thanks a lot.

Loren Parks
Psychological Research Foundation, Inc.