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Panic attacks may occur after some really fearful, upsetting experience, or from something someone said to you (very common). You weren't born predisposed to panic attacks. You had an experience that created turmoil in your subconscious mind. Sometimes panic attacks are curable in a few minutes. Other times it takes repeated attempts, depending on how pervasively the upset or curse has distributed itself thru your mind. At any rate, one session by an outsider knowing how the mind works generally help. If you don't use me (I work for free), see a hypnotist. You don't reason away panic attack fear. You have to go in and disconnect it or steamroller over it. I do that by phone. It would probably work by tape but I haven't tried it.

Nutritional treatment In the literature on magnesium, it is reported that panic attacks are associated with magnesium deficiency, caused by recreational drug abuse, alcohol abuse, caffeine containing drinks, sugar, white flour. I think it is prudent to get 400 mg/day of elemental magnesium into your system by using nutritional supplements from the health food store and see how you get along (unless you have kidney disease), while cutting out those drugs or foods known to play a part in creating magnesium deficiency. Magnesium Oxide is very poorly absorbed. Better supplements include chelated magnesium, magnesium taurate, magnesium citrate, to start. Magnesium is better utilized if B6 is included, up to 200 mg/day. If you do that, you're protecting yourself pretty well from heart disease according to the literature. Natural higher sources of magnesium include wheat bran, cocoa, bitter chocolate, nuts (almonds are highest), legumes (beans and peas), spinach, beet greens, butter beans, soybeans, dried seaweed, dried figs. Increase magnesium supplements with food until bowels move very easily, perhaps twice a day. Magnesium doesn't get into the cells easily, so I read, which means you will have to take it for weeks or months to get your level up. My guess is that once that is done the upsetting experiences of previous panic attacks can be disconnected by my voice therapy. Your alternative is to get drugged and go around like a zombie. That's the medical approach.

Another cheap possible remedy is 5-HTP from the health food store or the web. Costs very little and worth a try. I got the info from what I consider a reputable medical source. Panic attacks are terrible things. I would throw everything in the book at them. Psychological treatment in the abbreviated form I have to give, or even by telephone, may help but I would do the nutritional stuff too.

Alcohol and stress cause magnesium excretion. A proper balance of magnesium/calcium ratio is the goal and this does not occur overnight. A good book discussing the use of magnesium and some other nutrients for panic is "The Miracle of Magnesium" by Carolyn Dean, M.D. The book is recent and available on Amazon.

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Example of psychological treatment: A lady business associate had panic attacks while driving the freeway.She would have to pull off the road and get herself settled down before she could continue. It was a 3 minute cure. I disconnected her emotionally from a car accident she had had. No more problem.

Example: A young man was having panic attacks that interfered with his work and life in general. At one time he called an ambulance because he thought he was going to die. I had to talk to him by phone about 3 or 4 times, each time bringing a lessening of the frequency and severity of the attacks. The cause was that his ex-wife had gotten into some religious cult and told him in a period of high emotion he would die if he didn't join. Consciously, he brushed it off. But it acted like a curse and he began having these severe, debilitating attacks. A friend at work I had cured of long-standing allergies had him call me. After the first session I told him to call me any time he felt an attack, which he did on a couple of occasions, and I settled him down. I don't know that he is completely over them but his friend told me he was getting along OK.

Panic attacks don't respond to reason. They come out of the non-reasoning subconscious mind. When you're emotional, the subconscious is in control. The subconscious programming goes in from terrifying experiences AS PERCEIVED BY THE SUBCONSCIOUS. I have to reprogram the subconscious. For reasons I don't understand, the subconscious delights in scaring the hell out of its owner. Scary movies trigger kids and adults into nightmares and restlessness. The subconscious doesn't care whether you live or die. It doesn't care whether you are in ecstasy or in the depths of depression, and it can easily take you to both, given the right suggestions. It responds to suggestions from outsiders, especially if emotion is involved. For you to program your mind quickly takes a period of high emotion, and the programming is almost always negative. Love or a crush is an exception. My father died the very night of my mother's funeral, and there was no reason for it except that he wanted to die and go be with mother. He willed himself to death.

UPDATE: I am having some good success with people over the phone with a perhaps 15 minute phone call. (I'm in the USA) No charge. You may want to write me about your problem, but first play the recorded message below a few times. If it takes more, write me. I know how disabling these attacks are and how hopelessly ineffective medical treatment is, unless you like being a zombie. The problem may be both psychological and nutritional. A friend in social work says it is very much associated with alcohol use, some people being much more susceptible than others.Other doctors say soda pop and caffeine are involved. It wouldn't hurt to up your water intake, get off the pop, coffee, tea and chocolate and add some sea salt like 1/4 teaspoon total thruout the day. I take lots of it and tho I'm 81, my blood pressure is normal and my weight is down. Some cures claimed just used a glass or two of water (before meals 1/2 hour) and a pinch of sea salt. ( and

There is a good book called "No More Fears", by Douglas Hunt, M.D. (He is in the Los Angeles area). He has treated far more panic attacks than I. He finds the causes in food or other allergies, as I remember. If you have a severe problem, I recommend you get his book. Panic attacks are NOT easy to deal with. Just a couple of the nutritional things Dr. Hunt recommends trying are Vitamin B-1 500 mg, 3 times a day. Choline 1000 mg, 3 times a day. The divided doses are important for many nutritional supplements, as the water-soluble ones are excreted within 2 or 3 hours.

Magnesium may help prevent panic attacks:
Almost everybody in the USA is deficient in magnesium. There are reports of magnesium being helpful in reducing panic attacks. It is cheap and worth a try--up to about 800 mg/day of elemental magnesium. My severe back pain was totally alleviated by chelated magnesium and I can do anything without back pain. The cure has been good for well over 10 years. I never had panic attacks. Any condition involving muscle spasm may be helped by magnesium. Get at least 350 mg/day. Since I wrote the above I have been disciplining myself to get more magnesium. The acid indigestion I often had at bedtime is no more, tho I take the magnesium in the early morning.

If you eat lots of dark green vegetables (raw) you can probably sustain without the supplement. But with the usual American junk food diet, you probably need it. The criterion is ease of bowel movements without laxatives. Take a supplement early morning on an empty stomach or with no-fat food. Fat is OK, but not with magnesium. Magnesium oxide is not good. Anything else, Magnesium Malate or Magnesium Citrate is OK. Increase dosage until stools are soft and easy to move, but short of diarrhea. And maintain that condition. You may well notice less muscle pain.

If you get a positive result from the recorded message, please let me know. My impression is that panic attacks are NOT easy and I prefer to do them by phone. Also you can try my anxiety page at

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Have you considered telling people with panic attacks to reduce sugar and carbohydrates in their diets and to increase fat and protein?  It cured mine.

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