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The message I deliver is essentially that I want you to be in charge of yourself and not be controlled by emotional upsets of the past. Have ONE person in mind that caused you lots of problems or severe emotional upset. It is primarily aimed at divorce, love affairs gone bad, abusive parents, bosses, or any other person. But it will most likely also work for death of a person, a pet, being rejected by someone.

I will tailor other messages later on to different emotionally upsetting events. This is a first trial. The audio quality is not very good, but you don't have to wait long to download it.

Be sure you are relaxed when it is played and that there is enough volume that you can hear clearly what I say.

It works because it is the nature of the subconscious mind to accept suggestion from another person FAR better than from you yourself. Its purpose is to disconnect you emotionally from that person. It does not affect memory--just makes the memories not bring hurt. If you are a meditator do NOT go into meditation mode. If you are on a drug to calm you like Prozac, I don't have experience with what kind of result you'll get, maybe none. If your mind is racing, it probably won't work. You need to be relaxed. For those of you with a psychology background, I'm trying to extinguish a conditioned response.

End result, if you choose the right target and have an emotional problem, you'll be a happier person with smaller mood swings. You MUST let old angers and upsets go! They belong to the past and they should NOT control you now, and they most likely do to some extent at the subconscious level. For YOU to be in control of your emotions you MUST be willing to let go of the old ones. You DON'T need to forgive. You DON'T need to believe this will work, because nobody does until they feel the result. Often times it is your mate who will notice you are a more calm person and handle stress better. I have nothing to sell. My pay is in satisfaction I get from helping others. This stuff works and I know it! I've done it with individuals, groups, on radio and TV since about 1976. You can write me if you wish.

e-mail leparks2@yahoo.com

Be SURE you WANT to be permanently emotionally disconnected from emotional upsets you had with that person, because that's EXACTLY what will happen if, in your mind, the relationship is over and done with. If you are "hanging on", hoping for a reconciliation, it might not be effective.

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Loren Parks

Loren Parks
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