Causes of a poor self image

How we think about ourselves, our self image, is largely determined by what others have said. The parents play a big role in this, but so do other kids. Remember that when you're young, you're wide open to suggestion (mind programming).

As the Catholics say, "Give me the child before he's six and I'll have him for life." So true. The critical faculties have not yet developed. Chidren are "hypnotized" in the sense they believe and will fight to the death for those beliefs. I mean really stupid ones, like great rewards in "heaven" if you die in battle against the enemy, that somebody walked on water, lived in a whale, made a woman out of a man's rib, and an old guy put two of every animal on a boat when the world was flooded (including the polar bears and the penguins) when the only mode of transportation was a four-footed animal.

I'm trying to show you that when you start young enough or gullible enough, you can be made to believe anything. Including that you're stupid, ugly, incompetent, unloveable, incorrigible, etc. And that program tends to stick, especially if you were in an emotional state.

Now that you're older, you want to get rid of such "programs" which affect you at a subconscious level, often for the rest of your life to some extent.

Now some of these you may remember, others you may not. Embarassing experiences in the classroom or with other kids are important---anything that aroused an emotion in you at the time. Now there are ways of going after the ones you don't remember, but I'm not ready to present that yet. Choose the earliest ones you can remember and have or had feelings about. You can always play the audio again. Have in mind a specific incident when you play the audio.

It is highly unlikely your poor self-image came from a single event. Usually many. I suggest you also do the disconnect from a person exercise on another page.

Note: The author of this page is not a state or medically licensed professional.

Loren Parks

Loren Parks,
Psychological Research Foundation, Inc.

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