The subconscious mind (where the action is) is NOT a reasoning or rational mind. It's a mind hat follows orders, or brings up the emotions of old experiences when triggered by a variety of stimuli.

Results of scary happenings, often movies, are fear of the dark, generalized anxiety, phobias, and in some cases, panic attacks. Typically kids love scary movies, not realizing the lasting effect it can have on them. Watching scary stuff when parents are gone or at another kid's house is a common occurrance.

You may think you've gotten over it. But maybe not. Any emotional experience may be a partial cause of a variety of symptoms in some susceptible people. These people will have phobias, bad dreams, nervousness and perhaps other symptoms.

The recorded message that follows covers more than just scary movies. Of course you must have a soundcard and speakers to play the message.

You may find that you don't react to stress as much after playing this audio recording. It's worth a try.

Note: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

Loren Parks

Loren Parks,
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