Low self-esteem often has its beginning in early childhood. How you feel about yourself is very much influenced by what others say about you. And in the unreasoning child's mind these remarks take root and you continue to act out this evaluation of yourself through life, unless you do something to change it.It is amazing to me how many very successful people in business and on the stage have serious self-esteem issues.

What they have done is worked hard to overcome this handicap they were more or less born into. So despite their howling success in business or in the professional or entertainment field, they still have a poor self image that jus won't go away. Of course many do overcome it, at least it doesn't show.

When you are first born you are virtually all subconscious mind and highly programmable. You have no defense against negative statements made about you, and they tend to stick tenaciously. This is the root of the problem. In hypnosis these early events of consequence are called "the initial sensitizing event." Most hypnotists try to find those events in order to effect a cure of the subject's complaint. They try to get to them with hypnosis or a similar method and bring a different understanding to the client. Simply unearthing them and bringing them to light for reevaluations is often all that is required to effect a substantial change in the person's function and outlook.

Many hypnotists today go clear back into the womb to find this "initial sensitizing event". They believe the remarks made by mother and father, upsets, accidents or any stresses on the mother can have an effect. At the time, the child cannot interpret what is going on. But later, as language develops, the child's perfect memory from early intrauterine life exacts a toll on its self esteem.

Now this may sound crazy, but we're after a result to help the client achieve his goals--the reasons why he came to see the hypnotist in the first place. Hypnotists often believe that what the client thinks he wants and what he truly wants at a subconscious level are two different thing. What he thinks he wants is the less important of the two.

To get to the core issue, I believe the deep trance is necessary. About 20% of people can achieve that at the first visit. Several subsequent visits may be necessary, depending on the hypnotist's skill and the client's susceptibility..

Above I have described the ideal situation--deep trance and rooting out the cause. But in the real world there are compromises we often must make. And these can be effective enough to bring considerable improvement to the client.

There are many ways of reprogramming the subconscious. Some are more costly, some are more effective though simple to do. Let's look at a few ways.

1: Self-hypnosis can be effective for some. It hasn't been for me and that's liklely my fault as I am poorly self-disciplined in that area.. But most hypnotherapists teach it and that is the best way to learn it__by first being hypnotized and trained.

2. EFT (emotional freedom technique) is a relatively new and highly effective self-therapy technique for many things. You do it yourself, just following simple instructions. You will find lots of testimonials as to its effectiveness at You can do it just by reading about it. One essential, I believe, is that you must have a feeling you want to get rid of. Same for my "disconnect" technique.

3. Pendulum or dowsing rod technique. These are ideomotor techniques and can work very well to uncover the causes of a problem. Leslie LeCron describes these techniques in many of his several books. He was one of my teachers in 1956. Pendulum often works better when somebody else asks the question while you hold the pendulum, elbow on a table.

RATIONALIZE AWAY whatever you find. You want to overcome or eliminate the original viewpoint about yourself. If the pendulum shows that your parent(s) wanted a boy and got a girl, rationalize it away. If the pregnancy was unwanted or unexpected, find a different viewpont in your mind. And if you've had an abortion and feel guilt, find the message for that on my home page. Knowing the cause puts you in control.

Now it's time to stop chatting and get to work. I will use my method of disconnecting you from whatever caused your low self esteem. Target individual issues if you can, instead of making a blanket sweep of all issues in your life. Like disconnect all feelings of being unloved as a child. I want YOU, the person you are TODAY to be in control, and not the child within you.

Play these messages several times over a period of time, like days apart. I will make different messages and suggest you choose the ones you think most appropriate for you. The download time can be pretty slow. Even on my DSL line it can take more than a couple of minutes the first time. Dial up will be much worse. At the bottom of your window you should see a line indicating you are downloading.After the download you can get it repeatedly quite quickly. It is stored on your computer.

You were not the sex your parents wanted
You felt for some reason that you couldn't be loved.
You felt inferior to other kids because you didn't have a father at home.
You have a low feeling of self-worth because in your opinion you have a poor formal education.
You felt inferior because your family was poor, and/or some kids called you stupid

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