Many women have problems climaxing with the man inside. Fixing that is a little tricky. Once she climaxes easily with your fingers, repeatedly, but doesn't with you inside, try the following: With your finger, manipulate the clitoris lightly WHILE YOUR PENIS IS INSIDE. This takes some acrobatics. You must build an association between climaxing and you being inside. It may take several attempts, like everything else.

There is another way, but most men won't have the guts to try it. With the woman sitting on top, you do what you can, perhaps with her help, to get close to climax. You feed her suggestions, playfully that she's going to come. Then you increase your thrusting and get into some pretty violent strokes so she has trouble staying on top and you give her rapid fire suggestions she's going to come. Jostle her, playfully. The reason this works is you've tied up her conscious mind with keeping her balance and your suggestion goes right into the subconscious which ACTS on it because the conscious mind isn't there to say "I can't come." It's too busy trying to keep her from falling off! Use your hands on her body as well to further tie her mind up. ALWAYS be playful, never violent.

Example of the foregoing: A secretary working for me said she couldn't come with a man inside. I took her on a beach trip, did therapy with her, got in bed, did more therapy and figured it was her own belief that she couldn't that was in the way. So I did the rapid fire stuff as above and she came. She more or less denied it had happened but I knew she had. So I did more and it was only after 7 good orgasms that she admitted she was coming OK. I never went to bed with her again but she married and I questioned her some years later and she said it was still working.

While the following were "hands on" therapy I have done it without touching and had the woman come right in the chair. They had no interest in me at all. This is fairly common technique with hypnotists.

Example 1: A lady from my class told me she had a sex problem and wanted it fixed. She was probably 15 years younger than I. So I went to bed with her twice and got orgasms but they weren't very big. I had tried to find the reason using hypnoanalysis.

On a trip to the beach with 2 other women including my girlfriend I did therapy on her in the back seat, whispering in her ear. She started to cry. I disconnected the cause. She had gone back to her first sex experience when she went camping with a boy who later became her husband. They had sex, and she felt so guilty she cried all night. I figured I had found the root of the problem.

On arriving at a motel at the beach I told the other women to stay out of the bedroom. I took her to bed and with suggestion I must have taken her thru at least 20 strong orgasms. In fact I could later give her orgasms without touching her sexually. She had no interest in me at all, but she got fixed, good. I heard later that she went back to her husband and I've had no more contact.

Example 2: A woman of about 50 was referred to me by a girlfriend for sex therapy. She was separated from her husband, had a younger boyfriend, but was having trouble getting to orgasm. I did therapy on her and on her second visit she reported that she had had fairly satisfactory sex with her boyfriend. I did more therapy and went to bed with her. She performed as a woman should, essentially unlimited number of orgasms. I don't remember how many but they were intense and she came easily. I saw her again, socially, but never went to bed with her again. I later heard from my girlfriend that she had gone back to her husband and no longer functioned sexually.

Example 3: A woman with MS was fond of me, though much younger. We ended up in bed and with a lot of work over a couple of hours I got a small orgasm or two, and I am pretty skilled. She had a stiff leg, as a result of the MS, and I was working on that on the living room floor when she got into some past experience and started crying, sobbing (an abreaction) and it lasted about ten minutes. I let her cry it out. The bottom line was her high school daughter had come home from the prom with blood on her dress some years ago and she sobbed to me "I didn't want my daughter to be a sinful woman like I was." I thought no more about it and the leg still wasn't bending, though when I slept with her and awakened during the night she was on her back with knees in the air.

The next time I had sex with her she came easily and with good orgasms, 7 in an hour as I recall. In fact I gave her the suggestion that when she went in the bathroom to pee she would have an orgasm instead. I had to take it out after a while because she couldn't pee for the orgasms. I've done this to several woman friends as practical jokes.

She was from out of town and I never saw her again but she still has the MS, caused I think by the fact she left her husband for another man and later came back to her husband who accepted her, watched her like a hawk, but wouldn't have sex with her for fear he would "catch" MS. She became so crippled she couldn't get away to have another partner, which she had done on occasion. This is the sort of damage your own subconscious can do to you. It's tragic. You see this in panic attacks as well.

Nutritional therapy is available at your health food store for both men and women. See http://www.smart-publications.com which is very helpful. There are creams for women adveertised on the internet containing arginine which are reputed to increase responsiveness in women, rubbed in the appropriate areas of course. Give it a few minutes to penetrate. They probably work, tho I haven't used them.

Lacking the cream, use a lubricant like KY liquid Personal Lubricant, at all pharmacies. Makes a world of difference.

THERAPY FOR WOMEN: In spite of the fact this page is for men I know there will be unscrupulous women reading it. The following sound file carries a message and if you can hear and understand it, it may do a woman some good. Men's problems are different--rarely guilt. Women's problems involve early guilt, fear of failure (like men), and low expectations.

Let me tell you, when I'm on top of a woman near my height who is coming as she should, it is darned hard to stay in the saddle! They get noisy and wild! If I program a small woman to be highly responsive, she can wear me out in a short time. It is difficult to imagine the degree of responsiveness of many women, once the psychological blocks are taken out. So don't expect the file to make you a superstar, because there is more to making a superstar than that. You have to take out the negative and put in positive suggestion -- repeatedly. The payoff is worth it. But this sound file may help. Play it when relaxed and freely salivating, and play it many times over the course of a week or so.

Loren Parks

Loren Parks,
Psychological Research Foundation, Inc.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

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