Most skin diseases are caused by current or old angers locked into the mind by emotional upsets. They are relatively easy to get rid of using either hypnotic techniques or autosuggestion as EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and a variety of other mind programming methods.incorporating some sort of ritual.

My personal experience is with eczema and psoriasis. It is remakable how far back the origin of the disease can go. What you do if you have the problem is first determine about when it started. Then try to remember what was going on in your life at that time and who might have been involved. Very often, it is the father. But it can be anybody, even yourself. The usual cause is locked-in anger. Who is suffering for that, you or the person who made you so angry?

Change your attitude and get rid of the anger with my exercise. Many feel a release of tension or feeling "lighter" when they do my exercises. That's your proof that something worked somewhere. Maybe it's not all out, but it signals progress.

So having found the time of your life and the possible person (and there may be more than one) write down the first name of the person you suspect may be involved, and I say write down because when I give you the suggestion by my voice, I will say that you will be disconnected emotionally from the upset involving the person whose name you have written down. The subconscious is very literal in following orders. And I say "upset" as a broad spectrum command because it may well be someone you must continue to be in contact with.

I encountered this recently in a 10 second personal "cure" of a bad eczema. The 25 year old woman was disconnected of all the emotional upsets she experienced with her father. She was to visit him very soon and she reported back the eczema was almost gone and that when she visited her father, despite his putting her down, she didn't react and had a nice visit with him. This after years of difficult relations with him.

Her remaining rash may involve a different relationship but time was very limited and I haven't seen her since.

So that's how it works. Let's get on with it. Write down the name of the person you suspect is involved and your feelings toward that person. Then play the message below. Afterwards see how you feel when you think of that person. Then write down other names and play the message with each one. Repeatedly playing the message gives it more strength. And repeat for anyone you wish as it may not have gotten completely disconnected on the first playing. Also pay attention to how your skin feels, and check it later in the day or next morning. The psychological results are virtually instantaneous but it takes a while for the skin to heal.

If you have an ongoing problem at work or with a parent or relative, it can be a little slower and you may have to have an attitude change. Just remember, your parents acted the way they did because of the way they were brought up. You don't have to forgive but you must have an attitude change. After all, you do want to be in charge of your own mind and body, don't you? The voice exercises below will help you.

While I believe it is more effective to disconnect a specific person, you may be affected by other incidents you've forgotten. Therefore I have added a "blanket" disconnect.

Disconnects from upsets involving person whose name you have written down on a piece of paper.

Disconnects from all upsets contributing to your skin problem.

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