When I was actively working with large groups of people some 18 years or so ago I was using hypnoanalysis to treat sleep disorders. I consistently found the causes to be primarily scary experiences. The people with sleep problems were troubled by not being able to fall asleep, not being able to stay asleep, bad dreams, and not feeling rested on awakening. Using ideomotor finger signaling (described by Leslie LeCron and David B. Cheek, M.D. in a recent book (both are deceased), I was able to uncover the cause of many sleeping problems. A current stress will cause sleep problems and I am not skilled in treating that. I am skilled in treating the chronic conditions, the bad dreams, not feeling rested and stuff like that of a chronic nature.

I just worked with a 60 year old lady with chronic sleep problems, 15 years or so. It turns out her young son had died in the hospital about that time. She had been with him, caring for him. What she developed was a habit of not sleeping more than an hour or so so she could check on her son. The habit persisted long after her son had died. I brought this to her attention. It's a good thing to look for a similar experience in your own background.

Another lady about 75 had chronic sleep problems, all her life essentially. Using hypnoanalysis I found that around age 6 her father was beating her mother regularly. On one occasion she witnessed this and yelled "Daddy, stop!" and he did. Tho her mother was long dead she was staying awake to protect her mother. The subconscious mind is crazy this way. Even tho the threat is long gone, it keeps reacting in Pavlovian fashion. I recommend you search for such incidents in your own past. It is important to have an attitude change about the incident as well.

Working with a variety of subject, what the finger signals told me (a method of communicating with the subconscious) was that there were also dreams that were not remembered that caused poor sleep and I was able to eliminate those causes, at least so I thought. If you occasionally have scary dreams, search your past for scary incidents like scary movies, carnival rides, auto accidents, storms, and see if there is still emotion there. If there is, try to get rid of it by reasoning and commands to your own mind. When you're dealing with the mind you never really know what you did but you pretty well know whether or not you got a positive result. I haven't yet (Jan., 2005) written about ideomotor signals because it's a little complex in both getting people started and in properly phrasing questions for the subconscious. It's not suited for the internet and difficult to do by telephone except with very good subjects. Therefore my approach here will be to use suggestion and a trigger in perhaps a little bit different way than I have with other conditions.

DIRECT SUGGESTION means you simply state positively what is going to happen. "You'll never amount to anything." is a common one we hear from time to time. Now we could say "Tonight you're going to sleep well all night long and when you wake up you'll feel rested." Now I can do that with my girlfriend who is a somnambulist (deep trance) subject and I don't use any trance at all. She probably doesn't even hear it consciously. Especially if I preface it with "This is for your subconscious mind only." Since she only stays at my house averaging one night a week and she sometimes doesn't sleep well and I don't know it until the next morning. So if I remember I give her the little suggestion before I go to sleep. We travel overseas a fair amount and I often put her to sleep on the plane. She goes right to sleep but often doesn't stay asleep long. I find I must go into detail that she'll sleep at least an hour and that she'll feel rested. If you can get a good hour's sleep on a 9 hour overnight flight to or from Europe or Asia you can function pretty well. I've done this with others with so-so success. Unfortunately I can't do it to myself.

Here's how you use direct suggestion with kids. A friend of mine's 7 year old boy was a poor sleeper with scary dreams. I told her to do the following. When your boy is ready for bed you say to him " Here, mommy'll give you a big hug and then you'll sleep good all night long." It worked. First time. She did it several more times. Then one night her kid said "You don't have to tell me that any more because I don't have any bad dreams now." Three things were operating here. She defined the trigger (big hug), she gave the suggestion (you'll sleep real good) and then she pulled the trigger (gave the hug).

When I work with people with bad dreams I have them try to remember scary movies they saw as a kid, usually about age 7. I try to find out the nature of their bad dreams. Someone chasing them? Attacking them? Falling? Storm?

In a class many years ago there was a lady of about 80 who had moved to Oregon because she was deathly afraid of lightening and we have very little in the western part of the state. I was doing hypnotic regression and analysis with the class and I always had a couple or more helpers with boxes of Kleenex to put back together those who came unglued during the analysis. This lady came completely unglued and a helper had to take her outside and try to put her back together. She relived the incident so clearly that the frightened young girl within her took over. It was quite a half hour or more before she got her calmed down. What had happened was in her youth she had been standing by a window when lightening struck a tree close to the house. She was emotionally going through her reaction for us (involuntarily of course). I don't know if she was cured or not. I never saw her again. But it's quite possible she was helped a lot since she was able to recognize the original experience that caused her problem. Recognition is sometimes enough but sometimes it isn't.

In doing this analytic therapy I've had subjects who were in floods, earthquakes, windstorms, lots of thunder and lightening storms, being in an isolated bedroom during the storm, being lost at a carnival or in a department store, seeing scary movies, carnival rides, auto accidents, being attacked, being in a fire and a host of other things. Always upsetting things. So when you do the abbreviated therapy (no risk of reactions) you simply say you are going to disconnect the main cause of the sleeping problem "and you'll sleep much better and feel rested when you wake up in the morning." Then do the disconnect ceremony described on other pages. Remember that suggestions tend to wear off. They may need to be installed repeatedly and you may need to do it again at a later date. The search engine of the subconscious is not too good and it can miss some important things which you may have to disconnect later if there continues to be a sleeping problem. Also you have to look at the AVERAGE nights sleep. Everybody has good and poor nights so you ask if on average is sleep better.

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P.S. The lady with the kid (Carol) lives in Chicago so my only contact for many years is by telephone. She had made a business trip here and I developed her into a good subject while she was here. Anyway, dirty old man that I am, I told her by phone that when she got out of bed next morning she would step on a mouse in her bare feet and it would squeal and scare the bejeebers out of her. So when I called next I found that she did and it did. She came out with words that would make a sailor blush and her son said "Mother! You shouldn't say those naughty words." She informed him he must NOT use those words mother did. "I'll fix that," I thought. Some days later I gave her the same suggestion about stepping on the mouse that squealed but added that she wouldn't use any bad words. So she did it and it scared her as before but this time she shouted out "HOLY COW, HOLY COW" (She was a farm girl). Her kid came into the room with "Mommy, what's the matter? Are you hurt?" I've played hundreds of these silly tricks on subjects. They never get mad. If they're upset about something, it doesn't work.

P.S #2. Carol recently developed a very painful big plantar wart (on the bottom of the foot). She was afraid she would have to have surgery. She hallucinates readily so I sent "Jesus" to heal her but I made a mistake. I had him tell her that Loren sent him. Well he came and gave the healing touch but she didn't buy it for some reason. Later I gave her healing suggestions with triggers by phone and she gave herself suggestions and the wart went away. I was amazed. End.

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