I'm told by hypnotists that fear of public speaking is the most common phobia there is.  Yet it is so easy to fix most of you won't need to go to a hypnotist.  Just play the little voice file below.

So how did you get this fear of public speaking?  You had an embarrassing experience in front of a group.  Most often it occurred in school during a recitation or school play and the kids laughed at you, or you were criticized.  Think back in time when you didn't have a problem talking before a group.  You might remember instances from your past that play a part in your fear.

The key to getting over the fear of public speaking, like all phobias, is to imagine yourself in a situation which produces the fear.  Do it so well you can actually feel the fear.  This is the bridge to your subconscious I need to get you over your fear, because your fear comes from the subconscious.  It must, in some way, be reprogrammed to eliminate the fear.

I do that by a voice message which essentially says: "When I sound the buzzer and say "DISCONNECT!", it will disconnect you completely from all the causes of your fear of public speaking (stage fright)."

I may say that 2 or 3 times.  You must hold the fear until you hear the buzzer.  At that moment your fear will disappear.  For those of you who took Psychology 101 in college this is reverse Pavlov, extinguishing a conditioned response.  There's nothing mystical about it.  All animals function similarly.   I suggest you play it 2 or 3 times and TRY to get the fear back.  I'll bet you a nickel you can't do it.  Then in your imagination, put yourself in front of a group with the lights on you and a sea of faces before you.  Imagine you know your subject perfectly.  How do you feel? Is the fear gone?  If not completely gone, replay the voice file until it is.

Click the play button to play the message.

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