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The reason we have so much illness and strife is that doctors and the population in general haven't the slightest idea how our minds work. If you trace the literature on healing into antiquity, including the Bible, it is there right in front of you. If we investigate healing in primitive and advanced societies, the concept smacks us right in the face, yet we can't see it.

The person who understands the most about how the mind works in our society is the demagogue (Hitler, Mussolini, Kim Il Sung of North Korea, Castro, Arab extremists, etc. and hell, fire and damnation religionists like Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker). They know you can get people to do ridiculous things, like part with their money or give their lives, for ideas that make no sense at all. They do this in two ways: REPETITION and AROUSING EMOTION. THEY AROUSE FEELINGS OF PRIDE, GLORY, FEAR, GREED, LUST!

When anyone arouses these emotions in you, he has you under his control. Seduction is a perfect example. Swindlers arouse greed. Politicians arouse greed. Preachers arouse fear. The Catholic church says "Give me the child before he's 6 and I'll have him for life." Have you changed your religion or politics since early childhood?

Emotions come from the so-called subconscious mind. The subconscious is crazy. It allows others to program it. We program it ourselves in periods of high emotions. (Love is blind.) How many of you married for the excitement of sex, only to find later you were incompatible? How many of you engage in impulse buying? Why do cigarette companies always show the beautiful people smoking, not the hags? Why did you start smoking, or drinking? Was there a physiological need or feelings of inadequacy?

Most people run on emotions. School doesn't teach us to reason. We try to teach our kids, but how well did it work? It has been said "Where the will and the emotions are in conflict, bet on the emotions."

Emotions can be a driving force to make one achieve great things or a destructive force to make one fail and be miserable. In business, if you let yourself be ruled by your emotions, you'll soon be out of business. YOU MUST RECOGNIZE THAT WHEN YOU'RE EMOTIONAL YOU'RE OUT OF CONTROL! THE ONLY TIME FOR EMOTIONS TO BE ALLOWED FREE REIGN IS IN BED!

We are all programmed by our culture. We wouldn't think of eating dog meat, people, insects, snake or horse meat, yet millions of people do with great gusto. Yet the American pilot shot down in Yugoslavia survived eating insects. Survival was important to him, more important than cultural ideas. What I'm getting at is millions of people have beliefs they would die or kill for which make no sense at all. Many religions glorify a hereafter to get people to die in battle or give money. All work by programming the mind by eliciting emotions and by repetition, especially from authority figures.

We are all programmed. According to a Johns Hopkins study some years back, some 60 to 80% of illnesses have a heavy psychosomatic component. MOST of these conditions are relatively easy to fix UNLESS there is strong counter programming by religion or doctors or the person is still living under the stress that causes the condition. In other parts of this document are discussions of how this is accomplished -- namely disconnecting a person from upsetting emotional experiences or from things people have said (often upsetting). It only works if the person is receptive to the change. If you are going to change someone's religion or politics, you'll have to do so with the cooperation of the conscious mind.

You don't change basic beliefs or morals with hypnosis. In thousands of experiments with trained, deep-trance subjects, I found I could cause ecstasy or pain and scare the heck out of them with practical jokes, but I could never cause them to do something they normally would not do. The reason for most people's unhappiness and lack of success is that they let themselves be influenced by their child-like, emotional, subconscious mind.

I am a very stable person in stress situations. However, if I go to a wedding, a funeral or a movie with a sad story (even a cartoon), the tears stream down my face. I am out of control. I can't fix myself. You probably can't fix yourself, either. It may be my compassionate nature that has driven me to help thousands of people with various maladies and hangups. But I make a good living using only my reasoning (conscious) mind. I know my emotional mind could destroy me if I'd let it.

Many believe that to get to the subconscious for therapy you need to induce a trance. Not so. The subconscious is always listening and ready to be programmed, for good or for bad. I never use trances for healing. They're slow, uncertain, and the results are no better than if they're not used at all. One simply needs to know what to do in the ordinary waking state. I do know what to do. It's very simple. For entertainment on the stage you do need the deep trance. Only a small portion of the audience will go into the deep trance (somnambulistic) in a reasonable time.

I have a doctor friend in Spain who is a surgeon. Since 1974 he has done all his operations using no anesthetic whatsoever. The patient is awake, talking, eating or drinking, and feeling no discomfort. I have seen a couple of hours of his videos, and I've been in lots of operating rooms. It's not phony.

He says he has NEVER had a post-operative complication. He does not induce a trance. I have watched him work with patients and create an analgesia. The BBC did an hour-long program on his work some time ago, and he is presently negotiating for a second program. I will soon go for the third time to watch the whole procedure thru the operation. I speak Spanish so I can follow everything.

Pain control is common in primitive cultures. People skew themselves with nails and swords. I don't know whether my surgeon friend's methods will work in our culture or not. I intend to find out. I am not good at physical pain control. I'm a stress reliever. One big advantage I have in doing healing is that I have gone into primitive cultures to witness the healings, primarily in the Philippines. They often get fantastic healings by placebo methods. I picked up their methods and modfied them for our society.

I only heal by telephone any more. I have a self-therapy hotline that takes about 4 minutes, free. It's on computer voicemail. Check the homepage below. In other parts of this document, still under construction, are files you can use with a friend to feel and function better. If you are on a tranquilizer it may not work at all. Same if you are under heavy stress. Try the automated therapy by telephone from my homepage and also, if you have a soundcard, the streaming audio. Two other alternatives are for me to send you a personalized voicemail (must have soundcard) or work with you by phone. All free.

Note: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

Loren Parks
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