Get Rid of False Concepts

This is an ongoing page as I get time to write it. It will cover a lot of aspects of psychotherapy, hopefully you can understand. I must say that many if not most therapists are so inept and poorly educated that they won't believe or try what I write. That is their problem. I do hear from people having good success with my rapid techniques. I certainly don't cure them all and I am pretty inactive now, but I know what I've done though I may not know the mental mechanism that brought about the sought-for phenomenon.

1. I do almost all my therapy with no trance state. I have no reason to believe that a trance state is helpful for ordinary psychotherapy. Get the stupid idea out of your head that you have to have a trance to get into the subconscious. THE SUBCONSCIOUS IS ALWAYS LISTENING except when the person is asleep. If you repeatedly tell a person to relax and go to sleep and he DOES go to sleep, as evidenced by his breathing, you've lost contact. Period.

2. The placebo can be extremely powerful in some cases under the right conditions. No trance is used. Miraculous cures can be effected, and I've witnessed several. It is based on SUGGESTION, which is the key to all therapy.

3. You're not going to be effective changing a person who is currently in a stress situation manifesting itself as a physical or mental symptom. You either have to change the situation or the attitude. Sometimes you can take out previous experiences which have something in common with the present stress and get the person feeling better.

4. The easiest thing to fix is a symptom with one traumatic experience as its cause. Phobias, stage fright, dyslexia (often), learning problem with a certain subject.

5. To fix anything with a psychological origen or component you have to reprogram the subconscious mind. Emotions come out of the subconscious. I have seen so many people blow up emotionally on the job and they are terribly handicapped because of that. If you can't keep cool in a stress situation, you've got a problem! The subconscious is a childlike mind, and when you get emotional you're reverting to a previous upsetting emotional experience getting all the feelings but usually NOT the memory. Therefore you MUST take out the emotion. Don't mess with the memory. It's not a problem.

NOTE: The author of this page is not a state or medically-licensed professional.

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