The subconscious mind is the seat of the emotions. It responds to programming, by authority figures (your mother or father) and especially if there is emotion involved you can program it yourself, inadvertently. This frequently happens with a woman's first sex experience. The purpose of this sex therapy information page is to help disconnect you from early guilt you accepted from others or laid on yourself. A normal woman will have intense orgasms, more than one unless her partner is too quick or clumsy, but several by finger manipulation of the clitoris and/or oral sex. If you feel that somehow you aren't functioning as you should, this automated sex therapy may be helpful.

If you do not respond well to self physical stimulation and you are not beyond the menopause, chances are that guilt lies somewhere in your subconscious. If you are beyond menopause there can be the added problem of possible hormonal need. Some women think it's all over when they pass 50. Not so. My oldest partner was 76 and she functioned perfectly when the hormones were right. See your doctor about this.

The best written info on the use of nutritional and other products to enhance sexual enjoyment that I know of is found at Smart Publications

The sex therapy message below that I've recorded is to help disconnect old guilt, as I assume you would rather be in control of your own emotions with the understanding you have today. This as opposed to the understanding you had at the time of your first sexual experiences.

The subconscious is a NON-reasoning mind, at least as we normally look at reasoning ability. It responds to commands that you let get through to it, usually. I say usually because the internal opposition can sometimes be very strong and it takes repeated attempts to get the programming changed.

My role is to offer suggestion (a command) to your subconscious to disconnect you from guilt. Another person could do it as well if he did it properly, using a clap of the hands or snap of the fingers instead of the click on the mike or sound of a buzzer which I will use.

YOU MUST HAVE A SOUND CARD IN YOUR COMPUTER TO USE THIS AUDIO MESSAGE! You do not have to download a player of any type.

Don't expect this message of DISCONNECT! to make sense to your rational (conscious) mind. Just try it, and be relaxed as evidenced by your free salivation. Don't start the message until you can create a lot of saliva in your mouth. Close your eyes if you wish, if it helps you go back to the suspected guilt. If you can FEEL the unpleasant emotion, you've made contact with an important source of your problem. You will NOT go into a trance and if you are a meditator do NOT go into meditation mode. Just be normal, relaxed, and listen. I apologize for the sound quality. It may sound better with earphones.

Make sure this page has been open for 30 seconds or so or the sound may break up.

My only pay is knowing I've helped some of you. If things go better, let me know, please. I have a page on sex techniques for men your partner should read.

I have written a special page for women who climax with manipulation of the clitoris but cannot reach orgasm with the man inside. A well-functioning woman will have her first (of several) orgasms within 30 seconds of the man going in. That assumes some foreplay. Unfortunately, not many women function that well. When a woman's orgasms are intense, she will usually squeal, moan, have trouble getting her breath and some buck so much it can be hard for the man to stay on top. A few have orgasms so intense they cry. These behaviors are a goal to be sought, and the key is mind programming. You should at least get to the multiple orgasm stage, with a pause of a minute or so between orgasms, and have 2 or 3.

If your man comes before you get to the top, have him lie on his back and you sit on him so you have control over where you are stimulated. That can make a lot of difference. He will be slower, you will be faster. Also be sure you are taking magnesium citrate or malate tablets (not the liquid citrate which is a laxative) with a meal for general health and being relaxed. It is not an aphrodisiac but helps you feel better. Magnesium oxide probably won't help.

Guilt Sound File

If you suffered hurt during a sex experience, like from rape,physical injury or someone being too rough with you.

More "disconnect" exercises (69 of all types) on another site (YOUTUBE).

Loren Parks,
Psychological Research Foundation, Inc.

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